Saturday, October 22, 2011

Liberty and Division

It's not just a series of Stopped. Watched. posts from the Chronicle. Liberty and Division is also a novel. The spy thriller takes place in Ann Arbor and on the campus of the fictional "Michigan Polytechnic" University. From the Amazon product description:
On a cold November Saturday in Ann Arbor, Michigan, over 114,000 fans pack the stands at Michigan Polytechnic Stadium for the game of the year. Within minutes of the opening kickoff, missiles containing high explosives and poisonous gas rain down, one after the other, into the country’s largest football stadium. The siege leaves 4,200 dead and thousands more critically wounded, but this isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning.

Newly promoted Special Agent Dr. Jason Drake leads the team investigating the most horrific terrorist attack of our time. Early evidence points toward an Islamic fundamentalist group, but before the dead can even be counted, two more heinous crimes are committed in the normally sleepy college town. An assault on a top secret bioweapons research lab, resulting in the theft of four pounds of weapons grade anthrax, is followed minutes later by a break in at OncoCure Biosciences, a biotech company focused on cancer therapeutics. Jason soon discovers OncoCure’s best drug candidates weren’t touched, but a failed molecular compound, which may be capable of causing the worst epidemic in the history of mankind, is missing.
Sounds exciting.

Hat tip: Homeless Dave

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