Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MSU Dairy Store

In a somewhat ironic turn of events, immediately after linking to A2GastroBoy's thoughts on Lansing's dining scene, I found myself on the campus of MSU yesterday looking for a bite to eat. My housemate suggested we check out the Dairy Store. The Dairy Store sells products from the schools dairy program including some really great cheese and ice cream. I decided to go with a waffle cone of pumpkin spice. It was great. Super rich and creamy with a great mix of spices. The homemade waffle cone was fresh and sturdy. One of the best ice cream cones I've had recently. The Dairy Store also has an extensive selection of grilled cheese sandwiches and on Monday's, you get free tomato soup with the purchase of a grilled cheeses. How great is that?

Gentle readers, if you find yourself in East Lansing looking for a bit to eat, check out the Dairy Store. Going there kind of made me wish we had an ag school at U of M.


  1. But then we couldn't call MSU a cow college...

  2. I love the Dairy Store. My mom cared for those cows while getting her vet tech degree, and every time we're in E Lansing we stop to get some ice cream.