Monday, December 12, 2011

Music review: Suburban Sprawl Holiday Music Sampler 2011

Suburban Sprawl Music is a local independent record label. Originally hailing from Livonia, Suburban Sprawl merged with Ann Arbor based Quack!Media in 2007. Every December, the record label puts out an awesome, free holiday music sampler. This year's sampler is no exception with some great holiday originals sprinkled with some new takes on old Christmas classics. Here are some of my favorite tunes from the double album:
Lightning Love - It's Christmas Behave Yourself. Are you an insufferable cynic who is dampening your SO's youthful joy for the holidays? If so, you can probably relate to this song.

Passalacqua & Doc Illingsworth - A Very Frugal Xmas. An angry and passionate rap against reckless Christmas consumerism.

The Next Door Neighbors - Getting Into The Christmas Spirits. Yes, this is a song about drinking during the holidays. Get it? As a bonus, this song sounds like the awkward love child of indie rock and new jack swing.

The Kick Stand Band - Home Alone - Do you miss the days of the surf rock Christmas song? Try this out on your eardrums.

Joe Hawley - Sleigh Ride Invincibility Star. A rendition of the holiday classic, Sleigh Ride, for the Mario Generation.

Zach Curd - Holidays. Do you like mandolins? So does Zach.

Love Axe - War on Christmas. Like Jon Steward, Love Axe is declaring war on Christmas this year.

Glossies - The Fixings. Are you looking for a moody indie rock song that has very little do do with the holidays? Lock no further.

Daniel - The Night Will Come. Does this have the potential to become an indie rock Christmas classic? I think so.

Deadbeat Beats - Holiday Road. Rockabilly Christmas music? Yes please.

PreciseHero - It's Different for Elves. Jazzy hip hop about the labor conditions of Santa's elves. Sounds like they are trying to unionize. Elves, the other 99%.

Flatfoot - Li River Burial. Possibly my favorite track on this year's Holiday Sampler. Lansing's Flatfoot belt out a full-bodied rock anthem that sounds like it has very little to do with traditional Christmas and a lot to do with being in foreign country during Christmas.

Greatest America Beekeeper - Facts Regarding The Great Halifax Explosion Of 1917 And Its Effects On The Official Christmas Tree Of The City Of Boston. Do you wish more Christmas songs sounded like someone reading a Wikipedia article?

Child Bite - Good King Wenceslas. A hardcore rendition of this Christmas classic. Wow.

In conclusion, Suburban Sprawl's Holiday Music Sampler is pretty great. The songs are really fun and it's by local bands, mostly. Then again, I've been told I have terrible taste in Christmas music. We can all agree it's worth the price.

Suburban Sprawl Music Holiday Music Sampler 2011 album cover by Trevor Naud c/o Parody Lion

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