Saturday, January 28, 2012

Get your sled on

We have snow today and we are getting a little more tomorrow. Monday it will all melt. Fortunately it's the weekend so there is plenty of time to get some sledding in before this batch of snow melts. Rather an produce any new content, I'm just going to share some links to other articles about sledding in Ann Arbor:

Guide to Ann Arbor: Sled-DANG! In A2 from Damn Arbor's very own Quinn Davis

Sledding on Arborwiki

Guide to the Ann Arbor area's best sledding hills by Ed Vielmetti

I will add this: Huron Hills is probably my favorite sledding hill. Also, there is a rumor that sledding is forbidden in the Arboretum. This is not exactly true. Sledding is just not encouraged in the Arb. Wink, wink. Enjoy this snow while it lasts. Also, gentle readers, feel free to share your favorite sledding hills in the comments.

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  1. Lending support to the idea of Huron Hills as a good sledding venue, here's photos from the early days of The Chronicle: sledding.