Friday, January 13, 2012

Place that photo: Trolls vs. Yoopers

If you're trolling the internet today, you should probably quit hatin' and do what real trolls do: Be trolls. 'Cause if you did, then you would get gifts from people that just like the fact that you are a troll. Nobody is going to give you nice gifts in white boxes with pink ribbon around them just because you're ornery and think that bullying on the internet is different than bullying in real life.


Anywho, this lil box of whateveritwasbeforehand was left for the trolls. Yeah, yeah, it says, "Thanks! From Troll Jimbo," but you guys: Troll Jimbo is probs just another troll, admiring his fellow troll. Either that or a person that is sadly confused, and believes themself to be a troll.

If you can place where this photo was taken before anyone else, we will be a-damning you on our Twitter feed. So! Please leave your Twitter name down below in the comments, along with your guess. Otherwise, we'll just damn your damn name. Surprise.


  1. OH MY GOSH, I KNOW WHERE THAT IS! But I will let someone else be damned.

  2. I just figured it out myself. Let's see if someone without personal knowledge of the author's home location can do it.

  3. I remember running by the fairy woods and troll hollow at the Arb in November and seeing that box when it was full of fairy gifts. Nice to see that some lucky troll took them up on the offer. @doodlebot

  4. Oh man, for some reason I thought I had fooled everyone! Stephen and Miyokan are totally right - it's the fairy woods/troll hollow in the Arb.