Saturday, January 14, 2012

Where is our award?

Dear Current Magazine:

If you'll recall, back in June your readers voted us the "Best Local Blog" in Washtenaw County. I am writing to inform you that we still have not yet received our framed award certificate. Earlier this week, I noticed that Frita Batidos had their award for best new restaurant displayed nicely behind their counter (see below). We would really like our award so we could start displaying it was well. Please contact us at so that we can make arrangements for delivery, we would greatly appreciate it.


The Damn Arbor Team


  1. Can we hang it off a tree in the Arb?

  2. I was thinking about turning it into a necklace and wearing it around.

  3. How does one get nominated for something like that? Should I just keep taking more pictures of boats or somethign?

  4. @Mikoyan, We campaigned heavily for the award (read: we asked people to vote for us). There is no nomination process. Current does not report the total number of votes, so it's possible very few people vote. The fact that won best website while came in second supports the idea of low voter turnout.

  5. Well, I think a certain photo blog should at least get nominated.....


  6. @Mikoyan

    My favorite photo blog ever!

    You can quote me.