Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weather in Ann Arbor

Tonight and tomorrow there is a slight chance that we might experience some exciting weather. At the very least, we may see a little snow. If you are like me, you might find yourself at a desk and unable to walk out side and check the weather on your own. What follows is my comprehensive guide to compulsively checking local weather via the internet. I hope you find it illuminating.

WeatherSpark--Do you like well designed graphs? Who am I kidding, of course you do. It's always good to check out how the probability of precipitation changes throughout the day with this site.

Look how pretty these graphs are

The Diag Cam--From high up on Shapiro, the Diag Cam lets you see what the weather is like on the Diag at any given moment.
At the time of press, it was raining on the Diag straight from the horses mouth. A great resource for weather radar of the region and the often ominous hazardous weather outlook.

Doesn't that look ominous?

If you are concerned with regional flooding both HamWeather and USGS have good webpages showing the height of rivers in the area. I hope you have found this guide informative and that you will use the resources here to wast time on the internet.



  1. I would also humbly submit THE FUCKING WEATHER.

  2. I cannot believe you didn't include our very own Weather Underground (an A2 project).

  3. @G$ I feel like with WeatherSpark and, Wunderground is redundant. If I want the raw data, I use the .gov site. If I want interpreted data then I use WeatherSpark.

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