Friday, April 27, 2012

Place that photo: Seein' (rusty) stars

Can I just... can this be on my house? And in my room? I wouldn't mind if it was on the back of my bike either. It's like, grown-up Lisa Frank. 'Cause it's metal. And rusty.

Anyway, I doubt this little thing is really doing much to keep up this mysterious structure that you all want to know more about. Pretty sure it's just there to sit and look pretty, like Barack Obama and Bill Gates. It looks like it could mean business though, if given the opportunity, and I ain't an architect, but I think it's high time we rethink our simple washers and nuts and bolts. It's like, 2012 people. Get with it.

If you know the drill, great. If you don't, hurr it is: if you're the first to correctly guess where this week's photo was taken, you win a car. In your head. You win a car in your head. Which sounds painful. To enter, just place your guess in the comments below along with your Twitter handle, 'cause the real prize is that you'll be damned on our Twitter feed. Now that I think of it, none of the prizes sound great, but just stick it out, okay? If you don't leave your Twitter handle, we'll just damn your damn name.

Last week's PTP was taken directly behind Afternoon Delight. I shoulda just let my work people guess on that one after a few days, 'cause it was clear at that point that we're all in on a cool secret. BTW, if you work at Afternoon Delight can you please explain what it is you're trying to scare away? I mean I know there's a hawk out there sometimes but... okay maybe it's the hawk.


  1. I want to say that I think I remember seeing this at the Argus building. -@jimchuck

  2. Success!

    I'm even more impressed that you were able to place your guess via time travel.

  3. Looks like a tie bar, you see them a lot more in England.

    Apparently, "quite a few people have been killed over the years by bulging walls suddenly collapsing and falling on them". Seems you had a lucky escape...