Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vote today!

Gentle readers, there are some important elections today. In Ann Arbor, voters are being asked to approve a millage to for technology improvements in the public schools. This would generate an estimated $45.8 million by increasing property taxes in the city by 0.5 mill. It would cost most home owners an additional $51 - $77 per year. You can read more here and here.

In Ypsi, voters are being asked to weigh in on two tough issues: whether to levy a millage to retire the Water Street debt and whether to levy a city income tax to replace lost property tax revenue due to falling property values. You can read more about these issues here and here.

Please take some time today and vote gentle readers. Generally turnout for May elections is pretty low so just a few votes can really make a big difference in our community.


  1. I voted in Yspi. The election workers seemed happy to have some company....

  2. Yikes. I was voter number 343 at 7:30 pm at Ward 5 Precinct 11. Not very high turnout, usually I'm in the 400s.

  3. I tried to vote in Ann Arbor but unfortunately my Volvo station wagon was at the shop and I was wearing shoes and not birkenstocks so they figured out I wasn't a resident.