Monday, May 7, 2012

Water Hill in pictures

Water Hill was awesome. Huge turnout, great music and tons of fun. Here are some pictures.

At the end of Charlie Slick's show, he made us all sit in his time machine (or yard) so we could travel back in time with him. It was a stellar performance.

Appleseed Collective had a great turnout at their house. They sounded really great and had a large group of children completely enthralled with their music.

EJ and I met the cutest little puppy ever. She was dropped off at the Humane Society a little too early so she is living with a nice foster family right now. If you have a good home, she will be ready to adopt in a week.

I was really impressed with Girls Who Care, a new band playing their first concert ever at Water Hill. They had a great dream pop/shoe-gazer sound. Hopefully we will be hearing more from them soon.


  1. I was mostly catching folky and jazz bands, but I heard Girls Who Care as I walked by and they did catch my attention. Hope to hear more from them!

    Ken J.

  2. That puppy looks like a little bunny. WANT.

  3. Appleseed were really good, but their unamplified sound was hard to hear over the buzz of conversation where I was standing close to the curb. Oddly, I could here them better across the street.

    Accidentally Hip were terrific, as were the Brennan Andes Family Band, Phil Ogilvie's Rhythm Kings, and a bunch more whose names I can't remember. The weather was perfect.

    This is such a great event.

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