Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bad news for everyone

Will "this is Detroit in the 1970s" rival "you sound like Hitler" as the new death knell for arguments?

But no, seriously, Detroit in the 1970s had problems, the market for law schools has problems--we get it.


  1. I can testify to that. I went to the University of Wisconsin, at the time at top 15 school. When I came home to MI, passed the Bar and got a job, I had no idea how to write a motion. UW was too busy lecturing about every nuance of the International Shoe case and every fact about poor Mrs. Paltzgraff to bother teaching us silly, integral things like motions. The school truly seemed to believe that every law graduate would get a job where we immediately began writing Supreme Court briefs.
    I'm getting a perverse pleasure from seeing all of these articles that talk about the truth in law...this shit was happening in the 90s when I was in it (and, according to some honest older lawyers, in the 80s and 70s as well)...most lawyers DON'T make that much money, but they would never admit to it because to do so would be to break the facade that law is somehow a Golden Ticket to a well heeled life.
    Man, I still have some bitterness...sorry....

  2. Poe's Law, Godwin's Law, ... Jost's Law?