Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shadow Art Fair preview

This just in from Vinnie Massimino:

Green Screen Improv Troupe from Vinnie Massimino on Vimeo.

From Vinnie:
This video is hottt. It literally dropped minutes ago. My iMac just finished mixing it down and the people need to see it as soon as possible at your convenience.

And other italicized text!

The "Green Screen Improv Troupe" is a long gestating project; attendees of this year's Shadow Art Fair will have the option to pay $1 per minute to do whatever they want infront of a homemade green screen by Melissa Dettloff and yours truly. The user will have 30* background options that they can imagine they're actually interacting with! A compilation of all of the videos will appear online and via DVD in September. While at Shadow Art Fair, you can pre-order a DVD for $10, which will include other weird shit as I see fit.

* Or more, or less

Enjoy this latest piece of weirdness.

Thanks Vinnie. We always enjoy the weirdness. Check out for more Shadow Art Fair coverage.

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