Thursday, August 23, 2012

Average Speed Fest

MI-DH and Red Belly Boards are sponsoring Average Speed Fest, a downhill skateboarding race and fundraiser for the Skate Park. There will even be a Slide Jam. I just YouTubed "Slide Jam" and I still have no idea what it is so I think that makes me old. Anyway from the Eventzilla page:

The SE MI Festival of Average Speed is a downhill race in Ann Arbor Charter Township, MI set up to be a fundraiser for the Ann Arbor Skatepark. This event is a downhill race on a hill with speeds up to 35 mph maximum. This is a wonderful event for beginners and experts alike. After the races will be a slide jam.

This event will be very spectator friendly and you are encouraged to show up even if you do not downhill or skate at all. There will be food vendors and other retailers. Ultimately this is meant to spread awareness and raise money for the skate park so come out and show some support! Donations are welcomed and encouraged.

The race format is still being hashed out, but it will be setup to allow as many runs as possible for everyone. 4 person heats will be used. Practice runs will be available prior to the beginning of race heats. Entry fee will be $15. The course will have a kick limit and involves dropping into a right-left-right chicane into a relatively hard lefty. It goes uphill for a moment and drops into a right leaner and a left leaner over some questionable pavement which has only a couple good lines. You then go into a right leaner and drop into a culdesac that you must turn right then hook a left 90ยบ on the edge of traction to the finish line.

HELMETS AND GLOVES ARE REQUIRED, if you don't have these items on race day you won't be racing.

Sounds pretty cool.

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