Monday, November 26, 2012

20 Questions with A2GastroBoy

An artists rendering of A2GastroBoy

The identity of the anonymous food blogger A2GastroBoy is possibly the greatest local internet mystery since the semi-anonymous Ann Arbor is Overrated was (semi-) unmasked. A few weeks ago, I emailed GastroBoy to ask if he wanted to meet to do an interview. What can I say? I was curious about knowing what would lead a man to become an anonymous food blogger. Also, the idea of knowing the secret identity behind GastroBoy was enticing. Though GastroBoy has not agreed to meet IRL yet, he did throw me a bone and conduct his own interview with himself. From the post:

Something cray-cray just happened... Ben Connor Barrie, the esteemed (and at times full of steam…sorry, I couldn’t resist) editor of contacted the staff at to request an interview. In the process he called A2GastroBoy "the only significant anaoymous Internet personality in the area." Wha-WHAT? You heard me..."SIGNIFIGANT!" I’m SIGNIFNCANT! Now my mother can finally get over the fact that I never went to med school.

That event inspired this post. Enjoy.

WARNING: Let me save you the trouble and acknowledge that this is a total vanity piece; an egomaniacal masturbation. If you enjoy masturbation (and who doesn’t?!) read on. If you’re a frigid Protestant please click away.

For those of you interested in knowing just a little more about A2GastroBoy, the article is a must read.

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