Sunday, November 25, 2012

Comments on the Com

I've been told that I shouldn't even bother to read most comments on the Com. (They just make you angry.) And that when I do read them, that I certainly shouldn't post them on Damn Arbor. (People like reading positive things about their city, not angry rants.) Nevertheless, I'm not following those two very good pieces of advice. The comment and response I've posted above do a great job capturing the essence of so many comments on the Com that I can't help it. Full article here.


  1. LOVE the Homeland Conspiracy guy.

    And in case you don’t recognize his icon, it’s the insignia for the now-defunct “Information Awareness Office”, an old DARPA project run by Admiral Poindexter (honestly). The logo – which you can see bigger on the entertaining Wikipedia page for the program – is the all-seeing eye in the pyramid looking at the Middle East with the Latin phrase for “knowledge is power” written underneath it.

    Just another reason to love the Homeland Conspiracy guy and his impressive years of trolling the Com.

  2. This is the first time I've been made aware of Mr. Homeland Conspiracy (as I don't read the Com regularly), but based on his job description, this conspiracy shtick, and his tone, I think I actually know this guy!

  3. I will say the quality of comments has improved a bit since they implemented the vote up/votedown system. But ya, there are still a lot of full-time trolls on that site.