Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting ready for the best bar night of the year

Ah, there's nothing like heading to your favorite hometown watering hole on Thanksgiving eve. I used to work with a guy in Chicago who insisted the best bar night of the year is Christmas Day. He said he really liked the atmosphere of bars on Christmas Day. Personally, I prefer Thanksgiving eve; anywhere you go in town, there's a pretty good chance of running into some buddies from high school. Everyone is home for the holiday and has nothing better to do than hit the pub. It's a magical night. Personally, I like to start the night by hopping from one bar to the next in an attempt to see, then avoid as many folks from my past as possible. I like to end the night planted at a booth in 8 Ball. There is something about being with old friends in 8 Ball that really makes it feel like the holidays.

Gentle readers, do you have any special plans for tomorrow? Are you making arrangements for a DD?

Photo via G$, used without permission.


  1. Man, what I would do for a night at the 8 Ball...soon enough..

  2. I hereby give you permission.

  3. I'm partial to the Friday/Saturday before Christmas. I find more people are in town for that. I've never actually been home on Thanksgiving eve.