Friday, November 2, 2012

Journal of a Shut-In

Dearborn based cartoonist and friend of Damn Arbor, Jon Wilcox, has just released a mini-comic chronicling his adventures working from home. The comics are from a strip that ran pretty regularly in Columbia College's Columbia Chronicle this semester. They are now available for purchase in physical from as a heavier-weight-paperback. This 16 page booklet is full color and could be yours for just $3.00 including shipping! Do you know a shut-in? Do you yourself spend long periods of time during the work day watching the squirrels in your yard or napping with your cat? Christmas is just around the corner and Journal of a Shut-in would make the perfect gift. Hurry today, supplies are limited. If you want a preview of the comic, check out Jon's tumblr.

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