Monday, December 17, 2012

Suburban Sprawl Holiday Sampler 2012, a review

Looking for some local indie rock to help you ring in the holidays? Well look no further than the Suburban Sprawl's annual holiday sampler.

My favorite tracks include: Christmas Card by Lawnmower. Nothing says emo Christmas like an old school Jimmy Eat World cover.

Somerset Solo by Sylvan Lanes. Sylvan Lanes is the pseudonym of Frontier Ruckus' Matt Mailia. Do shopping malls bum you out around the holiday season? Then you can relate to Sylvan Lanes' folk-rap hybrid about a depressing trip to the Somerset Collection.

Holiday Song by Matthew And The Mainstream. A sweet song about trying to write a Christmas Song.

Coming Back by The Kickstand Band. Sounds like the Kickstand Band is trying to find that elusive feeling of Christmas past.

Wooden Skis by Timothy Monger. A new age-y little Christmas instrumental.

Tell Me What I Am (A Letter To Santa From A Regular Guy)by The Next Door Neighbors. The Next Door Neighbors just want to know if they are on the naughty or nice list. I'm sure you can relate.

Christmas Ain't Like Christmas Anymore by John Nelson And The New Girlfriends. A nice little honky-tonk christmas ditty.

Christmas In Jail by Grind Scheme. A very punk rock rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas: On the third day I made a shiv. Kids, don't violate your probation until after the holiday season please.

When You're Living In L.A. by Sunil Sawani. Christmas in L.A. sounds weird.

Christmas Lights by Woodman. Very few songs are written from the point of view f Christmas lights. This song is one of them.

Kringle Kringle by Flip Flop. A tribute to the "turn of the millennium crunk rap" era. I think.

The Ramadan Song by Sadam Andler. This is undoubtedly the low point on the album.

If you are itching for some new music from some sweet local bands, you really should check out this year's Holiday Sampler. Heck, while you are at it, you should download the 2011 Sampler too. They are free so don't have anything lose.

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