Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top 10 Posts of 2012

In the past, I've resisted posting the obligatory end of the year list ranking our top articles from the previous year. That said, it's feeling like a pretty slow news week around town. Last night I looked at our top posts from 2010 and thought there were some pretty interesting results. Particularly entry number 5 on the list. Thanks to all of you who read Damn Arbor, comment on it and forward links to us.
10. Calvin and Hobbes decorations - From December 2012

9. I went to Michigan and all I got was sad - Another post from December 2012. Never underestimate the power of titling a post with a good quote from the Daily Show.

8. Dexter tornado - From March 2012.

7. The Last Word - From March 2012.

6. The end of Blimpy Burger - Another timely post from December 2012. Thanks to @dokas for linking to this on his facebook account.

5. Vote! - An old post from November 2010. This very brief article continues to be one of our most popular posts. It was written by Ben Houston and contains a map of Ann Arbor's Wards. It ranks (unfortunately) high on Google searches for the term "Houston Wards."

4. An art instillation at the old borders building - From December 2012. Our first post to be linked to by national news media.

3. An interview with Pat Stansik - From February 2012. Pat and Ginger Ambition both linked to this interview which drove a lot of traffic to it.

2. A guide to Ann Arbor bars that don't suck - Another oldie from October 2010. We should probably update this article sometime soon considering it get's so much traffic still. Sounds like we should start planning a bar crawl.

1. The Jordan Miller Story, part deux - From December 2012 this article got lot's of traffic after it was linked to on the U of M subreddit. We ended up with a pretty heated debate of our own on the article and eventually had to turn off anonymous commenting.

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  1. 1) Having ancestors with cities named after them is pretty great.


    2) I think a Damn Arbor bar crawl is a great idea.