Friday, February 15, 2013

Detroit hearts Clark Park

Last night, Lizzy and I attended a fundraiser for Mexicantown's Clark Park and its ice rink. Friend of the blog and master piemaker, Lisa Ludwinski, was also with us hawking her wares for her Detroit-based bakery startup, Sister Pie, and folks from Green Dot Stables were there collecting donations for the park. There was also free beer, barrel fires, karaoke, and fancy mac and cheese from the Mac Shack.

Lisa and her baked goods

It was a great time with people from the community coming together to skate and raise money for their rink. Clark Park remains open today thanks to the efforts of a non-profit, the Clark Park Coalition, which partnered with Detroit Parks and Rec so that members of the community and local kids can skate, play hockey, and enjoy the green space. The park needs a new zamboni, so if you have one, let them know at the link above.

Here's me drinking and standing by a barrel filled with flaming logs and lots and lots of lighter fluid:

Update: I erred when I reported that Green Dot was collecting donations. The donation-takers were handing out Green Dot coupons and stickers. My bad.


  1. Don't take this the wrong way. But you kind of look like a vampier. What exactly is in that red Solo cup?

    1. Desl Stout by Millking It out of Royal Oak. (Didn't that pic turn out great?)

  2. Why do you look like a malcontent in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO?

  3. Great adventure to do during this winter season.