Friday, February 15, 2013

have some love for four am radio

Sometimes I am really late on things, like this fundraiser, any assignment, or my period. I don't want this fundraiser to get lost in the hullabaloo of things because I don't want WCBN to evolve into marginal space in Ann Arbor's volumes of history.

Radio is important. And I don't think I am alone with that thought. Without radio we wouldn't have Ira Glass crafting stories into opportunities to connect. We wouldn't have people sent into a panic by Orson Welles, or a plot for the movie Sleepless in Seattle. WCBN is really important. Four stupid letters with no vowels that allow you to hear Bollywood music overplayed on Snoop Dogg. It's the only radio station I ever tuned my alarm to, and you should make an attempt to. Or tune your car to it, or your shower radio. Really anything.

So, support them online, by telephone or going to an event at Arbor Vitae tomorrow. At Vitae there will be music from a bajillion bands, like Ritual Howls, Jimbo Easter, and Shells. The show begins at eight and probably goes until the floors shake, rattle, and break.

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