Saturday, February 16, 2013

Great Missed Connection

This is pretty awesome. Via Missed Connections:
Crime Scene Scarf, and the Woman Wearing It - m4w (Ann Arbor)

Alright, admittedly it's been a little while since I saw you. And, although it being just that single time, you've left an impression. Not an everyday wistful Jane Eyre kinda thing, only a "Hmm... that's an interesting piece of winter wear. Oh, yeah, remember that woman with the short hair and the peacot ( I think ), with the crime scene scarf? Not only attractive ( woman, not the scarf.. sorry, textiles are good and all, but they don't mean anything to me in 'that' way ), but a tad quirky and overall agreeable to the eyes she was. Or still is. If you've taken the A train off this mortal coil, and have headed to points unknown, then I'm sort of wasting my metaphorical breath, now aren't I?

Ok let's get this car off the curb, and back into traffic. How about we look at the bullet points, shall we?

♀ You were wearing that scarf at Meijer while shopping.

♂ I was also shopping, but sans scarf (there was a hat involved, but it wasn't anything to write Aunt Millie about ).

♀ You have short hair, sorta redie/brownie (?) .

♂ Me? Shaved head, piercing blue eyes, and a beardy thing that makes me look all Irish. No chin hairs, just chops and a connected stash ( not really a Van Dyke or a Goatee, but hey, I rock it ).

♀ ??

♂ I like to speak parenthetically.

So, check the appropriate box below, and send me a reply.

┌┐ YES
└┘ I would like to correspond with you.

┌┐ NO
└┘ You should go farm goats.

( I realize the second option is ambiguous at best, but in the proper order of things, if you think about it, and I mean really think about it, there is a logic to this all it's own. )

This obviously is not you.

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