Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's the most foolish time of year

March is over, which meas it's almost time for two of my favorite events: FoolMoon and FestiFools. FoolMoon is this Friday. There will be three luminary processionals marching to Washington between Liberty and Ashley. The processionals start at 8 pm at the U of M art Museum, Slauson Middle School and the Farmers Market. If you haven't made your luminary yet, grab some coat hangers and that old headlamp you've got sitting around and make one. Alternately, just show up. FoolMoon is super awesome. Also, Mark's Carts and Bill's Beer Garden will be open specially for FoolMoon.

A FoolMoon luminary from 2011. Pretty freaking sweet.

FestiFools is this Sunday from 4 to 5 pm on Main Street. Like FoolMoon, it features a parade. Unlike FoolMoon, there will be no luminaries. In place of luminaries, people will be marching with huge freaking puppets:

These two events are really, really, really awesome. You should totally go.


How to make a FoolMoon luminary

FestiFools in Pictures

FoolMoon: a life aquatic

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  1. SUPER geeked about both this year! I'll be chillin' at the AADL booth over near Downtown Home & Garden on Friday night, so, great people/light watching.

    The library's working on some special projections, coordinating with some AHA folks, and hopefully, this game, too (fingers crossed):

    Un-related to library stuff, word on the street is that Donald Harrison, Martin Thoburn and a few other talented peeps have developed some sort of crazy moon-faced-version of Pong that people can play, too! Totally curious to see what the heck this thing looks like and how to play!