Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New stencils

I stumbled across several new stencils yesterday on the north side of the Church St Structure. Well, I assume they are new, as I don't make it a habit of hanging out behind the parking structure. Overall, it looked like the wall had been used as a practice area, based on the amount of overspray running down the wall. My favorite stencil in the area can be seen above, it's clearly Elías García Martínez' fresco Ecce Homo after its botched restoration by Cecilia Giménez last year.

At first when I saw this one, I though that someone had totally misspelled "YOLO." Then I realized it must mean "you only die once." Clearly, the combination of YODO with the silhouette of a Kalashnikov is a timely reference to congress' inability to pass comprehensive gun safety reform.

This stencil and the following contain the silhouette of several figures. I think this one has the Easter Bunny in a dress, two pig people getting marries and a magical floating potato that's growing two roots.

This one is a little messy, but it is clearly Gumby and his beloved horse Pokey.

And the obligatory Triforce from Zelda. It will be interesting to see if these stencils start appearing in other places around town.

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  1. The stencil coverage is becoming my favorite of Damn Arbor's recurring features. Bravo on filling an under-reported niche in our local news, BCB.