Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rick's Among Best College Bars?

According to Annarbor.com, Rick's was voted among the best college bars in America. This seems to be a very misguided thing. If Rick's is a standard for college bars then I don't know what to expect from other schools. Rick's wouldn't make a personal list of bars to puke on.
My top ten list of Ann Arbor "college" bars would start off with Old Town and end somewhere around the Heidelberg, but it would never stoop to Rick's.


  1. What were the top ten bars in that damnies survey you did a while back?

  2. Well, we just had "worst local bar" not "best local bar." That said, Rick's made the list.

  3. Nice list of bars presented, I just want to know that on what bases these bars are ranked, because as far as my knowledge is concerned, its the ambiance and architecture of a bar which makes it the best.