Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Si quaeris notebook novum circumspice: a review of the Shinola Journal

The Shinola Journal is sold in Detroit and made in Ann Arbor--a beautiful regional synergy. It is also of exceptional quality: linen cover, sustainably sourced acid free paper, etc., etc. I bought EJ a large hardcover one in "new forest green" as a wedding gift. (She desperately wanted a Shinola Watch). I ordered it from Shinola's website. It was delivered promptly, nicely wrapped in a thin sheet of paper with a short, handwritten thank you. We were both pleased with the quality. The journal costs just a buck or two more than a similarly sized Moleskine on Amazon. When you factor in the high quality and local production, plus the fact that linen covers are way cool, it's a pretty great deal. Check out this video of the journals being made in Ann Arbor:

Journals & paper goods - Ann Arbor, MI from Shinola on Vimeo.
P.S. Shinola, if you are reading this and looking for someone to review one of your watches, drop me an email.


  1. I would also like to draw attention to the band around the notebook, which allows you to tuck articles and notes into the journal without them falling out. This a very important feature to me in a journal. Nailed it!

  2. I'm tremendously pleased to see you're not above begging for handouts. Also - that vehicle needs a scrub. Ciao - GastroBoy

    PS: I believe paper is the customary gift for your one-year anniversary. Let EJknowmyou've got one in the bank.