Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rocking with Rosemarie: The Dexter A&W

Buenvinidos Ann Arbor! I hope this lovely day is treating you all well. I decided to write another post because my hip is out and my doctor says I need to stop playing racquetball! Has anyone heard if Annarbor.com is hiring? I think I will call them tomorrow after my colonoscopy. 

The Dexter A&W
5/5 Stars

Thank you flicker.com for this lovely photo!
My first five star review! To be honest, I thought I would've given this to the Lohr (pronounced lah-hor) road TGIF or Joe Crab's Shack. What a SWEET surprise the Dexter A&W was. Almost as sweet as their menus tasted!

This location is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Did you know that the waitresses come up to the cars? I didn't have to leave my seat, which is very important when you the phobia of leaving seats. Every day is a struggle. The waitress even complimented my stuffed animal, a rhodesian ridgeback, which I think she thought was sleeping. Taxidermy is an under appreciated art form.

Something else I noticed was the absence of men working. In fact, the only men found were in their cars. I think this is because forty year old men are much better at eating than walking to someone and taking instruction. That is what I have learned from reruns of King of Queens. The owners of this location had it right, young women should learn the art of the waitress, since Obama has put our economy in such decline.

Pay attention next week for my article on the Necto club sign.


  1. Yum, officially sanctioned trolling!

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  3. I talked to my granddaughter and trolling now means "making fun of" as opposed to "avoiding bridges." This is no more "trolling" than Chris's post of the Lunch Room "tastiness."

  4. Get your hip re-surfaced and you still can play racquetball.