Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vote today

Gentle readers, there is an election today. Specifically there is a democratic primary election for city council members in Wards 3 and 4. You should vote. Albert McWilliams explains:


Really important government seats are decided by a few hundred people. It’s the few hundred people who don’t have as much going on.

In general:

People who don’t have as much going on = more crazy. (refer to comments section of annarbor.com) People who have actual lives = less crazy.


More voters = better representation (statistically true!).


The current 3rd ward incumbent (Stephen Kunselman) was elected in 2011 with 637 votes. You need more people to start a viable space colony, or throw a raging Bar Mitzvah.


  1. So I'm reading through the city council info packet for Aug. 8 to see if anything has been added, and yeah, something has been added: nominations to replace Leah Gunn and Newcombe Clark on the board of the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority. Who's proposed to replace Clark? Al McWilliams, that's who. So maybe the citation by DamnArbor was key to providing the cred he needed to get the mayor's nod? No, that's not it. Here's what I think it was. he's not listed on the agenda as "Albert," but rather with the shortened one-syllable version. That means you can call him "Al." Call him Al, see, which means that he sees angels in the architecture, which will help give the DDA the cred it needs to help plan for beautiful downtown architecture.

  2. In an unexpected development, McWilliams' name no longer appears on the list of nominations.