Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Badass Gnome missing

The gnome pictured above has gone missing from Northwood V. Via Ann Arbor'sCraigslist:

MISSING: Badass Garden Gnome w/Ax (Northwood V)

Description: all black/grey, bearing an ax for chopping down the tinniest trees in Ann Arbor, seen here protecting owner's home in the middle of Winter.

Last seen on doorstep of owner's home in Northwood V.

If you've seen this badass garden gnome, then please email.

If you're the one who pilfered this badass garden gnome, 1) beware of his ax-chopping skills and 2) return him in the dead of night and no one will be the wiser. You stole a grandpa's gift to his grandkid, you thief. Have some self-respect.

Seriously, if you stole this gnome, you should return him.


  1. I also had 2 gnomes stolen this summer. I hope all of the stolen gnomes have sought revenge.