Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mama's movin' out: Ann Arbor News/MLive/The Com/Whatever moves to 111 North Ashley

Lotsa changes for the journalists in Ann Arbor with The Com going the way of the dinosaur and MLive and The Ann Arbor News doing... whatever it is that they're doing. Now it appears that they're leaving the 301 East Liberty Street location they've been in ever since The Ann Arbor News originally bit it. They're moving into the 111 North Ashley building, which is that seemingly stranded condo complex a block up Huron from the Relaxation Station.

My guess would be that this is rent-related, since Herb David left and Seva will be leaving that block for that reason exactly. Whatever the reason, I'm not sure how I'll give directions in that area now that it's no longer "the building."

P.S. I'm fully aware that those aren't the actual lyrics to "Rose's Turn," but that's what I thought they were until today and I can't not put up that gif of Buster.

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