Saturday, January 18, 2014

A new mascot for the AAATA?

Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority, meet Aaata finchi, a large beetle endemic to Baluchistan and the only member of the genus Aaata. Who knew, that with the addition of that extra "A" to the local transit organizations' name they would share their name with a super cool beetle? Maybe we should start painting all the busses to look like these guys. There could also be a cute cartoon version of A. finchi that would appear in advertising spots and maybe even its own comic book. Really the marketing possibilities are endless. If you're listening to this Quack!Media, I expect to get a cut of the profits for coming up with this idea.

Image via Coleop-Terra


  1. From The Ann Arbor Chronicle's Aug. 13, 2013 meeting report:

    "Griffith noted light-heartedly that he learned from Gillian Ream that there could be some competition for the name AAATA from a species of insect. Ream quipped that it might become a mascot. On a serious note, Ream felt that because the staff had suggested continuing to promote TheRide as a shorthand, she also felt that made a lot of sense."

    Gillian Ream Gainsley would have a prior claim, I think.

  2. Damn. Jillian Ream beats me to everything.

  3. We used to call them the AT-AT busses....