Monday, January 20, 2014

BBUM has the commenters going nuts on the News

The .News has an article up about the U of M Black Student Union's speech in front of Hill Auditorium. The group made a list of 7 demands at the speech. They include things like:

We demand available housing on central campus for those of lower socio-economic status at a rate that students can afford, to be a part of university life, and not just on the periphery.

We demand the equal opportunity to succeed with emergency scholarships for black students in need of financial support, without the mental anxiety of not being able to focus on and afford the university's academic life.

The group also said they would undertake a "physical action" campaign if their demands are not met. I'm interpreting that to mean protests, and sit-ins. Though the commenters on the .News are interpreting the statement to mean Obama has given the BSU permission to use violence to overthrow whitie. People are commenting so quickly that it's impossible to read them with live updates. I've timed out a rate of about 3-4 comments per minute. And they are pretty crazy [Ed: racist]:
Kevin Frisbie

i think michigan should just go on.......terrorists "physical violence" as the protesters have said cannot be given into...otherwise the next group that protests and the next and the next....will get their mlk day ...they threaten physical thinking MLK would be proud....not........ive been going back and forth about getting my made up my mind

I'm trying to come up with some sort of uplifting lesson from all of this, but I've really got nothing. I guess it's good that people are working to increase diversity on campus. I've also heard that emergency loans are a great way to help all students who may be struggling economically.

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  1. My favorite:

    "How could they increase black enrollment to 10% with affirmative action overruled?
    Double the enrollment of the whole school?
    In 7 days?"