Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Great Lakes Frozen

Has anyone visited Michigan's coastal areas recently? According to the Detroit Free Press, from where the image above originates, the Lakes are nearly 90% frozen. That's the most since the early 90's. A "cool" picture of Lake Superior is below. See what I did there? Cool not cold? That's how you do horrible puns.
Photo from Gear Junkie


  1. A plane landed on Lake Huron near Mackinac Island the other day when it was in distress.


  2. I wonder how they measure "frozen." I was in Port Sanilac, on Lake Huron, 9 days ago and there was solid ice for about half a mile, then open water with some ice flows on it as far as you can see (about 15 miles).

    Googling Lake Huron webcams seems to show the same thing at places like Harbor Beach and Grand Bend.

  3. I was in Grand Haven recently and that was pretty icy.