Monday, February 17, 2014

Percent for Art: Decorative manhole covers from Hikone, Japan

This decorative (and functional) manhole cover from Ann Arbor's sister city of Hikone, Japan was photographed by Ville Masaki and shared in the Flickr Japanese Manhole Covers group. If you're thinking of ways to spend the dwindling Percent for Art money on projects with a water and sewer nexus, what better way than with decorative manhole covers?

Other cities with art funds going towards decorative ironwork include Vail, Colorado, which has even sold their manhole covers on eBay because they are so beautiful (and durable).


  1. I don't think they are actually manhole covers, but there are some pretty neat iron pieces at Milliken State Park in Detroit.

  2. The City of San Marcos, TX had a contest for manhole cover art:

  3. Does East Jordan Iron Works do custom work?