Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Racial tension at U of M

Here's a New York Times article on enrollment rates for black students at U of M, viewed through the lens of a canceled frat party for "rappers, twerkers, gangsters":
“There was a very tense climate brewing all semester, and I think the party was just the peak,” [Tyrell Collier, speaker of the Black Student Union] said. Mr. Collier added that his group, which spearheaded the popular social media campaign, had received inquiries from other black student groups around the country looking to use similar tactics. 
“We’re clearly not postracial,” said Tiya A. Miles, chairwoman of the department of Afro-American and African studies. “Sometimes I wonder if having a black president lets people feel like that gives them cover. It absolves people of being prejudiced.”

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