Thursday, May 22, 2014

AAPS students pen Op-Ed for NYTimes

Madeline Halpert and Eva Rosenfeld are managing editors at their high school newspaper here in Ann Arbor. In their contributed opinion piece for the New York Times today, they discuss the events that led them to devote an edition of their paper to their peers personal stories about mental illness. From the article:
With the help of other journalism students, we interviewed teenagers from around our school district who shared stories of depression, eating disorders, homelessness, prescription abuse, insomnia and anxiety. Many discussed their personal struggles for the first time. All agreed to attach their full name — no anonymity or pseudonyms. Following online recommendations of the Student Press Law Center, we asked the parents of each student to sign consent forms for the articles.
Ultimately the school's administration prevented Madeline and Eva from publishing the articles. I guess this just goes to show you, if you can't get something published in your high school newspaper, just go to the New York Times. In all seriousness, read the op-ed, it is quite well written.

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