Thursday, August 28, 2014

Umich football alums working on building community gardens

Vincent Smith, Martavious Odoms, and Denard Robinson are working on building community gardens now that they are done playing football. The project started building community gardens in the Greater Miami Area (where Odoms hails from), and now they are building gardens in Southeast Michigan. Via /r/uofm:
Hey Reddit, this is Vincent Smith, yes I got hit by Clowney, and more important we are working to bring community gardens as a project after playing football.

The idea was to network with Alumni to do great things with our football fame and success. So I am posting to get suggestions on how to grow more and invite everyone to make suggestions so we can get bigger and better.

Right now we are just starting and we have one garden up and are working on getting another here in Michigan.

We want to let people know about what we are doing, and also to let you know that we will be around this fall in town and we are set up in the old Le Dog on Liberty with some tshirts and are telling you because reddit helped us get our start with our project (called the #EATING project). So if you want to hang out or say whats up or bring your kids to play catch come on by. I will also be around for tailgating.

Tl;Dr We played football for Michigan, now we plant gardens. Help us if you have ideas of time.

Pretty cool.

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