Saturday, August 1, 2015

Breaking News: North Campus Turkey has been captured!

File photo of an ocellated turkey
According to a post on /r/annarbor by /u/wocamai the infamous tom that has been terrorizing North Campus has been captured by agents of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. From /u/wocamai's post:
My fiancee and I went to go look for the turkey today and when we found him he was munching on some corn and sunflower seeds that someone from UM had given him to keep him in place. She told us that the DNR were on their way to help capture the turkey in order to relocate it to a shelter/rehabilitation center for birds where it could be with birds like itself. Turkeys are social animals and the woman from UM told us that the turkey would hang out next to cars in order to see another turkey in the hub cap reflection. So let's all wish the turkey well in its new home.

My only source is myself and I'm not a war journalist so I wasn't able to take any photographs in those tense moments.

Well, it looks like this turkey's days of pecking at hubcaps are over. I wish him the best of luck with his new flock.

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