Thursday, January 26, 2017

A2 Data Rescue this Friday and Saturday at Shapiro Library

Gentle readers, are you afraid that the climate data you or a loved one's dissertation will evaporate off a government server in the coming days? Want to pitch in and do your part as a citizen to preserve important public-facing government data? Well then get yourself, your laptop and your external drive down to U of M's Shapiro Library this Friday and Saturday. As part of the national Data Refuge Program, A2 Data Rescue is hosting a group archiving session. You can RSVP for the even here on FB. The event runs from 10am - 6pm Friday and Saturday.

I'f you'd like some more background on the Data Rescue Movement PRI's The World had a good segment about it on this evening's program. You can read the piece here, or stream it below:

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