Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Changes in parking enforcement hours may be coming to Ann Arbor

The only photo in our archive of a parking meter. 
Free parking at metered spaces after 6 pm in Ann Arbor may become a think of the past. At their regularly scheduled Feb. 1 meeting tomorrow, the DDA is voting on a resolution that would, among other things, extend the hours of parking enforcement at metered spaces from 6pm to 8pm. On the plus side, they would eliminate parking time restrictions on metered spaces after 5 pm so if you park downtown for the evening, you wouldn't have to switch your parking spot after two hours. You can read the entire proposed on pages 18 and 19 of the DDA Board Packet.
Personally, I'm torn. I know extending hours for metered parking is likely to help those spaces turn over more quickly and to help drive longer-term parking to the parking structures. And I know this generally makes for a more efficient parking system. But from a personal standpoint, there is really nothing sweeter that free parking.
Gentle readers, what do you think about the DDA extending parking enforcement hours for metered spots?


  1. nbd — i know where to park for free downtown after hours

  2. Ditto. Never pay for parking, there's lots of lots after hours, and even an old Arborwiki page that has detail at http://arborwiki.org/Free_downtown_parking .