Monday, February 5, 2018

Ann Arbor City Council Preview: Feb. 5th 2018

Gentle readers, this evening's #a2concil meeting is heavy on the consent agenda and light on pretty much everything else. There are 25 items on the consent agenda covering everything from road closures to vehicle purchases and environmental services contracts. There's one public hearing on the site plan for the Rainbow Childcare Center at 2600 Nixon. This item comes to council with a unanimous recommendation from the planning commission but has been postponed twice. There are two official petitions regarding the site plan that have been filed with council. The first has 14 signatures and states that it is against the site plan citing traffic concerns, noise and privacy concerns, the number of students (130), and concerns that the site plan is "out of character" with the neighborhood. The second petition also has 14 signatures and asks the site plan be adjusted. The second petition also cites concerns with traffic, noise and privacy, and the number of students (130). It adds concerns about the proposed height of the buildings, loss of green space and reduced property values.

There's also a resolution, DC-2, which would create an "Advisory Task Force to Make Recommendations Regarding the Roles and Responsibilities of a Community Policing Commission." It will be interesting to see how this item progresses and how shapes a future Community Policing Commission.

So gentle readers, is there anything in particular you're excited to see at #a2council tonight? Remember you can watch the live stream on CTN and YouTube. And as always, you can get a blow by blow of the action using the #a2council hashtag on twitter.

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