Monday, December 6, 2021

Ann Arbor City Council Preview: December 6, 2021

Gentle reader, tonight is the second to last #a2Council meeting of the year. It promises to be a barn burner. Here's the agenda. Check out the Ann Arbor AF episode about this meeting. I always do before writing these previews. The elephant in the room tonight is not really on the agenda. Last week, council voted to release the content of the Guajardo/Fournier report. This was an independent investigation of allegations made by former HR Director Guajardo against Assistant City Administrator Fournier. The report absolved Fournier but also revealed that two CMs, Ramlawi and Nelson, may have broken the confidentiality of a closed session. I imagine this will come up at the meeting. 

The evening kicks off with a substantial, 25-item consent agenda. Of note: CA-4, renaming Winchell Park, which is named after a super racist former Ann Arbor resident. 

There is one public hearing on the agenda tonight on PH-1/DB-1, the site plan for 106 North Forth. This is a relatively minor addition and comes with unanimous support of planning commission. 

There are 4 ordinance first readings on the agenda tonight. C-1 is on a rule change to the opt out program for advanced water metering infrastructure. C-2 is updates the rules around Storm Water Management, Soil Erosion, and Site Plans in the Unified Development Code. C-3 updates the criminalization of huffing model glue to include new types of glues. This is part of an ongoing modernization of local laws. This is a great opportunity to truly modernize our laws and stop ciminializing substance abuse disorders. This should be sent back to the drawing board. C-4 is a modernization of the city's laws around weapons. Interestingly this maintains the city's prohibition of nun-chuks and throwing stars.

On to the resolutions. DC-2 is going to be a spicy chili. This is council committee appointments for 2022. Two things to note here. CM Hayner is not being appointed to any committees as a consequence of his slur usage earlier this year. Also, CMs Nelson and Ramlawi are not being reappointed to the Council Rules Committee as a consequence of their potential violation of closed session confidentiality. So, you can expect a lot of speeches during DC-2. DC-3 is the resolution to order a ballot question for charter amendment for a community climate action millage. DC-4 is a resolution of internet specifying how the millage funds should be used. DC-5 is a resolution directing the Administrator to develop criteria to utilize low embodied carbon building materials in building and infrastructure projects. And finally, DC-6 a resolution asking the DDA to continue the curb side carryout program. 

And that's it, I think. As always, gentle reader, I am probably forgetting some very important items here. What agenda items are you most looking forward to seeing. I am guessing that tonight will be another late night around the virtual council table. Hopefully we will see you there. The CTN stream starts at 7 pm. Make sure you follow the action on the #a2Council hashtag.

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