Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zaragon rising

Zaragon West is rising on the corner of William and Thompson. It will offer loft living "taken to the next level." We can only assume the "next level" means the 14th floor.

Shareholders and stakeholders

Ann Arbor has not suffered as greatly as other cities in Michigan during the recession. Nevertheless, the city is staring down the barrel of budget cuts and potential layoffs to public safety employees. It is worth reading Dave Askins' column on the Chronicle analyzing the negotiations between the City Council and the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) about how to share parking revenues. For those of you who have not done your civics homework, Ann Arbor's DDA manages the city's downtown parking and kicks back a portion of the income to the city each year. Here is Dave's article.

As an aside, don't you think steakholders would be a great name for a chain of restaurants where people are forced to eat steaks without utensils?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Water Hill Music Festival

Oh hey Paul Tinkerhess, wasssaaaaaap?

So Mistah Tinkerhess and his lady of the land, Mzz Clair Tinkerhess, had a brainchild a while ago, and it's finally coming to fruition: Goddesses and Gods, behold:

The Water Hill Music Festival.

Bike Porn: Alley Way

Saw this Raleigh Alley Way locked outside of Ashley's yesterday. With its fenders, disc breaks and 8 speed internal hub gear, it seems like this bike would be pretty good for all weather riding. Not sure how the belt drive measures up.

Zombies and You: Surviving the Ann Arbor Apocalypse

Preliminaries and Day One: Get to Safety

By now, many people have read Max Brooks’ World War Z and watched movies like Dawn of the Dead, so the majority of the populace more or less knows what it’s up against when the inevitable happens and the walking dead destroy human civilization. Max Brooks’ other novel, The Zombie Survival Guide, and movies like Zombieland enumerate tips for survival when confronted by your deceased loved ones, who now hunger for your brains. Resources such as these are useful from an awareness-raising perspective, but they paint in very broad strokes and provide little contextual guidance. The first installment of an Ann Arbor specific guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse follows.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Huron River rising

The Mighty Huron is running high. As an aside: it's nice that this is as bad as floods generally get here.

Stand Against Snyder: Rally Saturday for Working Families & Education

Ann Arbor's very own Governor Rick Snyder will speak Saturday at the University of Michigan Commencement.

As you may know, Gov. Snyder is the architect and signatory of a recent spate of legislative activity that has targeted the collective bargaining rights of public employees, cut education funding by 15%, shifted the tax base to working people in the name of a $1.8 billion tax cut for big business, and empowered an agent of the government to dissolve starved municipalities, among other things.

That's our Rick!

From 8-9am @ the Pioneer High School Football Field students, workers, community members, and Michiganders will join together to celebrate the achievements of the graduating seniors, and protest those of Governor Snyder.

The Rally will be followed by a march and demonstration outside of the Big House beginning at around 9am. (More information here).

Urinal time interruption

Clever title, eh? Via Ann Arbor Craigslist missed connections:
I startled you at the urinal - w4m - 21 (Espresso Royale)

I'm sorry about that. You were standing there, minding your own business, taking a piss, when I barged in and headed straight for the stall. The look on your face was priceless - I imagine that you were not expecting to be walked in on by a member of the opposite sex. I imagine my expression also contained a similar aura of shock, with a thin veil of confidence, before I sequestered myself in the toilet stall.
My initial reaction to our encounter was that it sure was strange to have a urinal in ladies room, and that it was especially odd to have encountered a man using it. This is what I was thinking while I took my own piss. Luckily, you left quickly so I wouldn't have to face you at the sink. On my way out I realized it was I who had mistakenly entered the men's room, having overshot the ladies' room by a few yards.
I really want to apologize for startling you like that, for failing to adhere to the norms of our society and using the restroom assigned to people of the opposite sex. I also want to apologize for the judging look I might have given you, for that split second I was convinced it was your mistake and not mine that had put us in that situation. So, sorry, and I'll be more careful reading the symbols on the doors of public restrooms in the future.
Entering the wrong restroom can be pretty startling for all parties involved.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An exclusive interview Five Year Engagement Director, Nicholas Stoller

Ann Arbor is abuzz with news of celebrity sightings. Hopefully, Five Year Engagement will be an entertaining little romp and we will all get to watch the movie and try to identify the locations in the film at the local premiere. I am as excited about this movie as anyone else, but I have to admit I don't really know what this film is about. Fortunately I was able to land an exclusive interview with director Nicholas Stoller. (OK, in the interest "journalistic integrity" I should say that I'm just pasting in responses from Nicholas Stoller's Twitter feed.)

BCB: Nick--Can I call you Nick?--the plot of Five Year Engagement is somewhat of a mystery. Is there an official policy of secrecy for cast and crew?

NS: Thinking of keeping all the details top secret so as to peak interest.

BCB: It must be difficult to keep quiet.

NS: I reaaaaally want to talk about 5 year engagement. But I'm not going to. I'm going to keep quiet. This is hard.

How we got into this mess

There is a lot of talk about Emergency Financial Managers these days. (for all your Mark Maynard needs), posted an interesting email yesterday. It's from David Palmer, who recently attended a state training session for would-be Emergency Financial Managers. I don't know a great deal about the history of EMF's in Michigan, tax law in Michigan, or the relationship between local governments and the state government. I found this letter very helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. From the letter:
It is fair to say that there is extreme conflict between the common concept of fairness and democracy, and the abilities of the EM, since there is no opportunity for debate and locally elected officials may have their powers suspended. Just as in a large business, decisions are made to fix the problems regardless of how observers feel about the solutions that are implemented, or who gets fired. While local officials may return to office after the EM leaves town, they are not able to amend the budget put in place for two years, and effectively remain on probation for that period.

As we react to the abilities of an EM to act on the behalf of the state with near impunity, and ponder all the terrible things that could/may/will happen, it is important to remember that we the people have the ability to change this situation by either electing a legislature that will make government more efficient and raise the revenues needed to pay for the services we want, or we can pass funding mechanisms by referendum.

Bike Porn: Orange Creamsicle

Spotted yesterday morning in front of the Chemistry Building.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's getting windy on the Diag

Apparently we are under a tornado watch until 10 pm. By we, I mean all of Michigan. NOAA's radar map makes it look like we are about to get hammered. Buckle up folks.

Appleseed Collective

I have to admit, I've never really seen an Appleseed Collective show, other than when I ran into them busking on Main and Liberty (see above). That being said, they have a great sound. If you would like to check them out, you should stop by their show this Thursday at Crazy Wisdom. It's free and their last show before they go on tour for the entire month of May. Check them out Thursday at 7:30 pm.

Unlicensed private investigator

Looks like someone has been watching a little too much Bored to Death. Via Craigslist:
Private Investigator for Hire (Sterling Heights)
I can find missing persons and cheating partners, locate stolen items, and answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability.

I'm not licensed, but I believe that I can help you.
Here is Jonathan Ames' Caraigslist ad in the first episode of Bored to Death. Note the similarities:

I wonder how much this private eye charges for their "answering questions to the best of their ability" service? That seems like something so many licensed private detectives forget about. Also, I really appreciate how progressive they are saying they offer to find cheating partners, not just spouses.

Monday, April 25, 2011

@ the brewer's whim

As I've stated previously, I continue to be impressed by the exciting range of beers that Wolverine State Brewing Co. produces. Beginning tomorrow, they will be starting a small batch series aptly titled @ the brewer's whim. The semi-regular series will feature blends, experimental beers and barrel aged beers. Tomorrow for their inaugural tapping they will unveil "Faust's Hell" a blend of Faustian Stout Baltic Porter and unfiltered Drag Me To Helles Maibock. Sounds like the perfect beer for the ambiguous weather we have been experiencing lately.

Where is [redacted]?

With Ed Vielmetti conspicuously absent from the internets (and Twitter!), I feel like the kids on The Adventures of Pete and Pete searching for their beloved ice cream man, Mr. Tastee. For those of you not in the know, watch the following clip and replace Mr. Tastee with Ed Vielmetti. Also, all references to ice cream or Blue Tornado Bars with references to the internet:

Hopefully, Ed will return someday soon and the [redacted]'s that have filled his various online profiles will be gone.

I know there are some good finds at Salvation Army, but...

Via Michigan Radio, state senator Bruce Caswell has proposed a plan which would require kids in Michigan's foster care system to buy all of their clothes second-hand, from places like Salvation Army and Value World.

The plan has been criticized on a number of counts, including that it wouldn't save the state any money and that it might, oh you know, make kids who are already not in the best situation feel even more downtrodden and forgotten by society.

I know I've definitely spent a good many hours sifting through the racks of used clothing shops, looking for that perfectly hilarious, ironic T-shirt — which is precisely why this "plan" is so disgustingly heartless. Even if this cockamamie idea would save Michigan some money, there seems to be something particularly cruel in forcing foster children to only be able to wear other people's castoffs.

I'd like to put forth my own plan: state senators can only wear used tracksuits of 1980s vintage. All of their other clothes will be burned.

Michigan's Republican state senators.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bike Racks

Continuing the DA tradition of bicycle obsession, I was pleased to see that Zingerman's (or the city), perhaps as part of the massive construction project,* has installed a cute little bike rack on Detroit St. at Kingsley. It's just like the ones that take up parking spaces, except that this one doesn't appear to be seasonal and it hasn't eliminated a parking space. Win-Win!

* - stay tuned for more coverage of this next month - an interview with Zing highers-up (details TBA)!

Lightning Love

Exciting news local music fans, Ypsilanti based pop sensation, Lightning Love now have their very own website! Be sure to check it out.

Lightning Love wins!
Vote for Ypsi's Lightning Love in Billboard's Battle of the Bands

Christ, you know it ain't easy

Do You Want to Know a Secret? Today the Two of Us will Drive My Car for a Day Trip to Grosse Pointe, and, Girl, I will only want to hear generation-old Rock and Roll Music on the radio. There's just Something about Easter that makes me want to hear the entire Beatles anthology. Maybe it's all that talk about Lady Madonna and Misery and how they need to Carry That Weight. Maybe it's Because John Lennon is a bespectacled dead-ringer for Euro-Jesus. Maybe it's that I imagine all that boomery Revolution happening in the Good Day Sunshine of spring. Perhaps you can Tell Me Why; Nobody I Know has this problem, and it shows no signs of Getting Better Any Time at All. Whatever the reason, When I Get Home, I won't be able to Wait to keep the tunes coming. Yesterday it didn't happen; Tomorrow Never Knows this strange compulsion at all. But Beatles songs will be on the Tip of My Tongue until I lay myself down for some Golden Slumbers tonight. It's gonna be a Long, Long, Long day.

OK, now I Feel Fine.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


It's exciting that Five Year Engagement is filming in town. Friends are reporting Jason Segel and Alison Brie sightings. I like the idea that I could run into Jim Halpert, Andy Dwyer or other characters from NBC's Comedy Night Done Right. Last night though, when confronted by celebrities descending en masse upon the bar where I was drinking, I felt like the dog who had finally caught the bumper of the car I was chasing. It's a little strange seeing people from TV in real life. I feel like I know Jim and Andy and sort of assume John Krasinski and Chris Pratt are the same people. I wanted to ask them how they were liking Ann Arbor. Tell them they should check out the Fleetwood, the Farmer's Market and the Brick Dick while they are here. At the same time though, I didn't want to be imposing or pushy. Don't stars have the right to enjoy a pint of Oberon with their friends in peace?

In the end, I mostly giggled, thought about introducing myself and texted my friends. Perhaps I'll see them again while they are in town. Regardless, I hope they enjoy their time in our city and get a chance to experience all the great things we have to offer.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Shawarma Law

The Ed and Moe Show's humorous response to Pastor Terry Jones. Instead of protesting his demonstration against Islam today, they suggest you head over to the Dearborn civic center at 4 PM to eat some shawarma.

Zealous Whig

You should see Paul Manganello’s Zealous Whig this weekend. The one-man show is hilarious and even somewhat thought provoking. Best of all it is free. I throughly enjoyed yesterday's opening night performance. Though there were some rough spots, as one might expect from opening night, Manganello's recoveries ultimately added to the intimacy of the performance. Rather than detracting from the experience, minor mistakes ended up underlining the performer/author's familiarity with the character he was creating.

Zealous Whig plays on Friday and Saturday at 7 pm at North Campus's Basement Arts.

The Italian Founding Father

But for pork and strippers...

The Pantheion Club is a highly visible strip club on Michigan Avenue heading into downtown Dearborn. It has also recently been offered to dispute claims that Dearborn is under Shari'a law. (It does not actually look like the Pantheon in Rome.)

Last night at Washtenaw Dairy I glanced at the headlines for the local papers. "Dearborn not ruled by Islamic law, mayor says."


Thursday, April 21, 2011

A. Alfred Taubman donates 56 million to medical research at Michigan

A 'transformational announcement' from UM Hospitals at 3:45 p.m. today

While the Biological Science Research Building holds many fancy events, I haven't seen such pomp and circumstance surrounding one as I did when I was leaving today. See pictures below:


Through our foray into the world of tumblr, I have come across some blogs that post interesting pictures of Ann Arbor.

1and19more is from Texas and takes photography at WCC

Snapshot Aesthetic insists film is not dead

Kaylan Party has some great pictures of the Michigan and State Theaters

If you know of any other tumblrs or other sites that feature interesting local photography, please let me know.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Comida autentica

The BP on William and Main has an astonishing selection of Mexican groceries. It doesn't compare to La Libertad, or Meijer or Kroger for that matter. But considering the rest of the "food" they have is either jerky, candy or Combos, I was surprised to see Maseca.

Tales of a Michigoner, Prologue

My entire life has been spent in Michigan. I'm leaving it soon. I need help figuring out how to make this last Michigan summer my best.

Born and raised just outside of Detroit in Grosse Pointe, I grew up in a part of the state steeped in its industrial history. The houses that Ford built — on the River Rouge and Lake St. Clair — were perennial fixtures of childhood for me. So too were the old Tiger Stadium (demolished), the Hudson's building (imploded), and other pillars of Michigan's once (and future?) Motor City. And beyond the sprawl of southeast Michigan, summer here means water — the water of Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and, less frequently but more dramatically, Lake Superior. There was also getting lost in the northwestern dunes, speeding across the waves in boats, always boats, eating, drinking, camping, road tripping, day tripping, running races, and doing nothing at all.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Putting the "fun" back in local politics

Greetings, gentle readers. Last week, Quinn Davis wrote piece describing her experience at a Ann Arbor City Council meeting. In it and the comments, Quinn and others discussed how to get more young people involved in local politics. Tonight there is a City Council meeting. Better yet, it looks like CTN's livestream is up and running. You can also follow @juliewbee on Twitter for her Ann Arbor City Council tweetentary. While you watch, think about any potential rules you would like to be part of the City Council/Public Commentary drinking game.

Deal overload

First came LivingSocial, then Groupon. Last week SumoDeal started following us on twitter and and today Front Door Daily Deals started following us. This is all on top of the Com's Real Deal. Is this a bit of a deal overload? I guess competition is good between firms in a market, but this market is so new I don't even know how to compare these deals. It seems like they just want to get me to buy things I'm not planning on buying.

Where do you get your local news?

Interestingly, most U of M undergrads get their news from neither the Com nor the Daily. Perhaps they avoid the Com because many of the commentors seem to view them as a plague on the city. The question remains: how do we connect one of the largest demographic groups in the city to its media?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome Jason Segel

Texts from last night

Jason Segel is in Ann Arbor. Damn Arbor's Erika Jost saw him yesterday on State and North University (see above). From Ann Arbor's Craigslist > Missed Connections:

Ok, I didn't actually see you. But I heard you're here and you have a lot of nice, not-that-creepy female fans in the area. Like my friends and I. Also we know where to get good beer and salad. Just saying.

Ok well if this is super compelling let's do it! Sweet.

Jason, we'd just like to welcome you to Ann Arbor. If you want to go out for a beer, or something, drop us a line.

The Italian Founding Father

UM senior Paul Manganello wrote, directed and stars in "Zealous Whig," his one-man show about Filippo Mazzei, an influential Italian political theorist during the American Revolution. Check out Paul at 7 PM this Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Studio One at the Walgreen Drama Center, and check out my Daily preview here.

YouTube trailer after the jump.

More signs of spring

In front of Old Town yesterday. Too bad these aren't a year round fixture.

Ann A-lanti

Is that what we're calling it now? As in "The greater Ann A-lanti area is not want for phallic buildings."

Hat tip: @Locavorious

Photos via dgansen and brostad

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meditations on the Midwest

The Internet seems to have a lot to say about the Midwest this weekend. Two nights ago, at Jordan, Jesse, Go! at the AADL, one of the preoccupations of the hosts--who were from Hollywood, maybe you've heard of it?--was to unlock some of the secrets of "flyover country," to better connect with their audience. One approach to this was to identify our regional rivals.

"Lansing," GH joked, and then went on to explain Ann Arbor's growing resentment of our new governor.

Finally, it came out that what Michigan people really hate is Ohio. Ohio. Bleh. Ohio. "What's to hate about Ohio?" they asked. "Too mild-mannered?" Apparently, Jordan and Jesse just can't tell the difference between these bland Midwestern states.

Recycling on the Diag

U of M Recycling bins, not on the Diag

There are no recycling bins on the Diag. If you want access to recycling on the Diag (and you are a U of M student), you can sign this online petition to the MSA.

Image via Michigan Municipal League

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ann Arbor versus Europe

You can always count on Yahoo Answers to get to the bottom of your most pressing questions:

Get your bike fixed

OK. Winter is over (hopefully). Perhaps your bike is looking a little janky. If this the case, you might want to check out Common Cycle's Repair Stand at Sunday's Artisan Market.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Vote for us!

Voting guide

'Nothing says “I want to have sex with you” like a $43 steak (unless, of course, you’re dating a vegetarian).'
Gems like this, from The Michigan Daily's Best of Ann Arbor 2011 list, remind me that you can still vote for Damn Arbor as Ann Arbor's best blog on the Current's Readers Choice 2011. Keep in mind that last year, won. I don't want to say lame... but I guess I just did.

On a side note, the Daily quote is describing The Chop House, which won best Date Place. Seriously kids, is this the best you can come up with? Where is the creativity, the passion? If this is the best you've got, I worry about our future.

What's up with all the painted rocks on the Diag?

Is it some sort of Easter thing? Guerrilla art?

They did a pretty good job matching colors with the sign. I wonder if they used Pantone 294 (blue).

For the love of mac and cheese

The best mac and cheese I've had at a restaurant was at Zingerman's in Ann Arbor. Goddamn, that was good.
-Aziz Ansari in Bon Appetit

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Michigan Law School's anti-gay graduation speaker

This guy.

Above the Law has an accurate and sympathetic account of what's brewing at the law school as we third-years close in on graduation. The administration has invited Ohio freshman Senator Rob Portman to speak at our ceremony. As if it were not bad enough that he hails from Ohio, Portman also boasts a less-than-stellar record on LGBT rights, voting against extending marriage rights to same-sex couples and in favor of banning gay adoptions.

I understand that the Senator is entitled to his viewpoint, and I understand that his viewpoint is a popular one across the country. But on a day when we, as a class, celebrate together the time we've shared--in study, in summer internships, in class, in the library, in moot court, journals, pro bono hours, drinks at Ashley's--we have to hear from a guy who has a demonstrable political record of campaigning and voting to treat a significant portion of our classmates as second-class citizens. "Congratulations on becoming lawyers; good luck with that full citizenship thing."

ATL characterizes it thusly:

Hipsters, a followup

Yesterday I posed the difficult question "What, if anything, is a hipster?" Fortunately Boing Boing was able to provide us with this answer:

Thankfully, Yahoo Answers provides us with the answer to the question posed in the comments, "are there hipsters in Ann Arbor?"

Who knew there were so many hot jazz fans in Downtown Rochester Hills.

(Or that Ann Arbor is a neighborhood.)

(Or that there are a lot of Ann Arbors.)

One blogger, on a quest

Damn Arbor has recently made a foray into the world of tumblr. I've discovered some interesting things in Ann Arbor's tumblsphere. Case in point: the hungry beluga. the hungry beluga is on a quest to eat at every restaurant in Ann Arbor. Their most recent adventure involved a early morning trip to SELMA.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

JJGo! at the AAPL

Jordan, Jesse, Go!, one of the many podcasts that the inimitable Jesse Thorn of MaximumFun.Org brings to the masses, will record a special session at the Ann Arbor Public Library this Friday night at 7 PM. Since it's about "life in your twenties," among other things, it's perfectly suited for the DA crowd. Jesse and Jordan will also be doing two events on Saturday at the AAPL.

We are living in Cheerio world

"Material Girl" came on my iPod during my beginning tap and jazz class today.

"I'm a chocolate Cheerio girl," one of them said. All the other ten-year-olds agreed.

Photo courtesy of Worth 1000.

Duck, duck, goose?

Somewhere in Ann Arbor, hidden away from prying eyes, there must be a single tag that says "goose." Right? I see "duck" written so many place I'm convinced it's an elaborate joke or treasure hunt or something.

Who cares about the sinkhole?

The four-story-deep hole that was created next to the driveway of Earthen Jar, aka Josh and my driveway to the parking lot behind our old apartment. A few employees and tenants had to maneuver their cars through a barely wide enough area between the 310 E. Liberty St. house and The Christian Science Reading Room in order to get out of the parking lot, since they were parked there at the time of the collapse. Photo courtesy of Ali Ramlawi, owner of Jerusalem Garden.
In the most recent issue of The Washtenaw Voice, I put in an 800-some word piece on the huge hole that opened up next to Earthen Jar due to a break in one of the retention walls at the Library Lot construction site.

I finished the piece at some odd time, in the hours after Josh had started to snore and before BCB woke up to go to the Y - and way, way past deadline. I sent it in, and started working on an accompanying sidebar about Ann Arbor City Council's decision to allow the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to plan future construction on top of the Library Lot.

Right as I finished, I received an email back from my advisor with some notes on my article, along with this piece of encouragement:
Suggest you keep the sidebar short. This is a very long story and, while well-written, I worry that our readership may not be that interested enough to get through 800 words you have so far.
Which begs the question: Does anyone really give a shit?

What, if anything, is a hipster?

Recently I've noticed that some businesses on Yelp have their ambience listed as "Hipster." Take for example Old Town, or Tomukun. What does this mean? I'm not even trying to get into the whole "who is and is not a hipster debate." But rather, who gets to decide that Tomukun is a "hipster" joint and Comet Coffee or 8-Ball aren't?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lightning Love wins!

Ypsi's Lightning Love has won Billboard's Battle of the Bands! Thanks to everyone who voted.

Previously: Vote for Ypsi's Lightning Love in Billboard's Battle of the Bands

Also check out their awesome video:


Get on the Ann Arbor Bus to the We Are the People Rally in Lansing! (Tomorrow)

You say "I ♥ Michigan," but do you really mean it? Come rally with the people of Michigan for a better and more equitable future for all.

The University of Michigan Graduate/Lecturers Employees Organization (GEO & LEO) are providing two buses to Lansing for the We Are The People Rally.

Meet at the Cube at 10:30am tomorrow. Buses will return to Ann Arbor at 6pm.

Reserve your (free) spot here.

Bike Lanes Please!

Riding down main to get a picture of this was harrowing at times. Can't imagine what it's like during rush hour.

Prevously: Is Ann Arbor bike friendly?

Masons in Ann Arbor

I don't much like assuming the tone of a moralist. But friends, Ann Arbor is full of Masons. They are tweeting and tumbling all over the place. Does Dan Brown/Robert Langdon know about this?


Imagine there are no people on this street. That's what the post-apocalypse looks like.

What's more exciting than the apocalypse? That's right, the post-apocalypse. Local filmmaker Ben Brainerd is currently raising funds (via Kickstarter) for a webseries:
Nate Porter has had a rough week. First his girlfriend dumps him and then, just as he's ramping up to an epic sulk, he wakes up to find that everyone is dead. Neighbors? Dead. Classmates? Dead. The annoying dog down the street? Totally dead.

Nate's first priority is, of course, continued survival. Which is something he's decidedly unqualified for. When it becomes obvious that the government isn't coming to help he has to rally the small group of survivors and figure out what's going on.

Oh, and there are bandits. (It's the end of the world. Bandits are required by law)

The series will be shot in and around Ann Arbor. Exciting.

Hat tip to The Ann Arbor Chronicle.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Drunk baby at southeast Michigan Applebee's

At least he sounds like a friendly drunk. Story here.

I imagine it went something like this:

Signs of spring

Airing out Tower Plaza.