Monday, April 30, 2012


Loyal reader, Jeremy L., sent in this picture saying:

The remnants of a delicious meal! I snapped this photo on Huron St. between Chapin and Main, around 11:00 pm #whoneedsthefoodpyramid.
Who indeed Jeremy. Thanks for sending in the picture.

Graduation Missed Connection

From Ann Arbor's Missed Connections:
Is that a diploma under your gown or are you just happy to see me - m4w - 21 (U of M stadium)

Date: 2012-04-28, 9:46AM EDT
Reply to:

With all the brains and Brawn in this stadium how did I find you? I couldn't get over how that black gown fit you.i(sic) love your choice of hat. What does that white tassel stand for anyway? You are so full of intrigue and higher education.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Parking Tickets

Found these on my car the other day. Not really sure what you can get at Pinball Pete's for just 4 tickets though.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Totally Awesome Fest

Totally Awesome Fest continues today and tomorrow. Here's Patrick Elkins' press conference earlier this week regarding TAF:

T.A.F. Press Conference 04/23/2012 from dirty bros. quality productions on Vimeo.

While Damn Arbor was not invited to the press conference, local journalist was there to ask the hard hitting questions. also has a schedule of the Fest's shows and the names of the venues, which are all houses. Remember folks: "...every house in Ypsi has to have a name. Addresses alone do not suffice in the world of bearded men in cheap sunglasses."

Classic bike show and swap tomorrow

Will there be penny-farthing cycles?

Tomorrow is the venerable Ann Arbor/Saline Classic Bike Show and Swap Meet which bills itself as "the Biggest, Oldest, and the Best Antique and Classic Bicycle Show in the Nation." Sounds pretty sweet. The show will be at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds, 5055 Ann Arbor/Saline Road. Cover is $3.
Hat tip @vielmetti

Friday, April 27, 2012

Free floor lamp

Saw this gem outside of Markley. Anyone else find anything good left by students?

Character Party at LePop tonight

So here's the idea: LePop is a space-time airport and there has been some sort of problem such that people and objects from all throughout time and space have been sucked in. Kind of sounds like the start of a Doctor Who Episode. Anyway, come as any character, person, or thing from history or your imagination. Doors open at 9:30. At midnight, the pumpkin drops. Is cool to see that LePop is starting to become a real venue for some interesting events.

Place that photo: Seein' (rusty) stars

Can I just... can this be on my house? And in my room? I wouldn't mind if it was on the back of my bike either. It's like, grown-up Lisa Frank. 'Cause it's metal. And rusty.

Anyway, I doubt this little thing is really doing much to keep up this mysterious structure that you all want to know more about. Pretty sure it's just there to sit and look pretty, like Barack Obama and Bill Gates. It looks like it could mean business though, if given the opportunity, and I ain't an architect, but I think it's high time we rethink our simple washers and nuts and bolts. It's like, 2012 people. Get with it.

If you know the drill, great. If you don't, hurr it is: if you're the first to correctly guess where this week's photo was taken, you win a car. In your head. You win a car in your head. Which sounds painful. To enter, just place your guess in the comments below along with your Twitter handle, 'cause the real prize is that you'll be damned on our Twitter feed. Now that I think of it, none of the prizes sound great, but just stick it out, okay? If you don't leave your Twitter handle, we'll just damn your damn name.

Last week's PTP was taken directly behind Afternoon Delight. I shoulda just let my work people guess on that one after a few days, 'cause it was clear at that point that we're all in on a cool secret. BTW, if you work at Afternoon Delight can you please explain what it is you're trying to scare away? I mean I know there's a hawk out there sometimes but... okay maybe it's the hawk.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Donatello bike

There is something nice about a bike that someone clearly took some time putting together. As you can probably tell from the title of this post, this bikes green frame with purple accents reminds me a great deal of Donatello, the coolest Ninja Turtle.

Are things about to get Fracked up in Washtenaw County?

Superior Well Services trucks driving north on 1-75 last summer

There's natural gas in them thar shale formations!--Bill Paxton, CEO Paxton Resources
OK, so I lied. Bill Paxton is not the CEO of Paxton Resources. Nevertheless, Gaylord based Paxton Resources, has indicated its desire to drill for gas in Saline Township. Concerns about ground and surface water contamination notwithstanding, Fraked Up! a recent article from Hollywood Interrupted is worth a read. It paints an interesting picture of life inside a fracking boomtown in North Dakota.

There is also a great summary of the current political state of fracking in Michigan on this morning's Environment Report.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jason Segel, big fat liar

Here's a clip of Jason Segel on Leno the other week talking about Five Year Engagement. While it's nice to hear that he loves Ann Arbor, I'm a little disappointed that he lies and says it was cold out during his nude scene. I think we all remember the fake snow that blanketed Ann Arbor last spring.

I'm also bummed out that we will have to wait til the director's cut comes out before we can see Mr. Segel hang dong once again. If any of you out there were part of the crowd videoing Mr. Segel with your iPhones, feel free to email us in some pictures.

Xuan Alyfe reception in pictures

I went to check out the Xuan Alyfe reception at LePop with EJ, G$ and some other friends last Friday. I have to commend the folks at Charlie LaCroix Brokerage; I think it's great that once a month, they throw an awesome party that brings together great people, art, music and free Arbor Brewing Company beer. I always enjoy myself at their receptions.

This was one of the larger paintings at the gallery. Note the little guys in the striped shirts. They appear in a lot of Xuan's work.

Oh no! One of the little striped shirt guys escaped from the painting! Just kidding. That's Xuan.

The Man from Monroe

Saw this cool space age ad for a "desktop calculator" while visiting CSCAR earlier this week. Makes you realize just how far we have come.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Honey Locust -- Blood of the Bleak -- Live at Woodruff's

Here's a video I shot of Honey Locust last Wednesday at Woodruff's. As you can see they were pretty great. Their EP, Fear is a Feeling, comes out on May 8th. I hope they are able to make it back to the Ann Arbor area sometime soon.

Election 2012

Gentle readers, the 2012 election season is really starting to heat up. In recent days both Carsten Hohnke and Sandi Smith have announced they will not be seeking reelection. This means there are open seats on City Council in Ward 5 and Ward 1. If you've ever dreamed of being a City Councilperson, now might be the time for a run gentle reader. You have until May 15 to secure sufficient signatures on your petition.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sweet Heather Anne

With my notorious sweet tooth, it took very little prodding for me to head over to Sweet Heather Anne, which has recently expanded into a new space at 920 North Main, just north of Depot. It even has a little parking lot at the back! They had an open house this past Saturday for the new store, and it's a beautiful space you should definitely check out. I had a delicious olive oil cake with lemon curd and vanilla frosting. I almost tried another slice but wanted to seem classy rather than gluttonous, so I refrained. It was tough, though.

While Sweet Heather Anne focuses on making cakes for special events like graduation parties, general parties, weddings, etc., they'll also have a dessert counter open two days a week (Fridays from 10 to 6, and Saturdays from 9 to 2) so you can try out their amazingly delicious options before committing to a giant tier of cake and frosting. Those who are ready to take the plunge can make an appointment for a design consultation.

Frat dogs of the U of M

Clever canines that contribute to the gaiety of college life. Detroit Free Press, March 13 1910.

Via If Dogs Could Talk

Slows, before and after

Detroit Lives! has a cool picture of the 2100 block of Michigan Avenue in Detroit in 2004 and today. Things have changed a lot in the last 8 years.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Christmas in April?

Looks like someone unsuccessfully tried to send this trashcan to Santa.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Chris Bathgate

Today is Chris Bathgate's birthday. He is celebrating with a show at the Blind Pig.

Extreme moped

Seen this heavily accessorized moped a few places around town now. Like the use of the florescent Bar Mitts.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Five Year Engagement: Red Band Trailer

In honor of the exclusive Five Year Engagement premier tonight at the Michigan Theater, I'm pleased to share the red band (NSFW) trailer with you:

You might still be able to get tickets for this 826Michigan benefit tonight. Otherwise you will just have to wait a few weeks longer.

Xuan Alyfe tonight at LePop

Just a reminder folks that the Charlie LaCroix Brockerage's showing of Spanish street artist, Xuan Alyfe's exclusive work will be opening tonight at LePop (101 N. Main). In typical LePop style, there will be live music as well as refreshments sponsored by the kind folks at Arbor Brewing Company. Doors open at 8 pm, the free drinks usually run out by 10 or 10:30, so plan accordingly. I have really enjoyed the past few receptions at LePop and I am sure this will be no exception.

Image courtesy of Charlie LaCroix Brockerage

Place that photo: Hoo dat?

Alright, if you know exactly where this is to the point where it feels like cheating, and you actually know me, you gotta bow out of this one (you know who you are).

Or at least, they know HOO they are! Woo owls! Katie Harlow, a friend of DA, is an owl aficionado, and this owl is telling her to come back to Michigan. Of course, don't tell Katie I said that, because she doesn't like that people just know that they can give her owl things and she'll be automatically happy. I mean, I get it - we all gotta keep a little mystery, right? Next thing you know people will know the color of her undies. And it'll allllll be because of me.

Welcome to the 4/20 edition of Place! That! Photooooo! You tell me where you think this photo was taken in the comments below, accompanied by your Twitter handle. If you're the first to get it right, we'll damn you on our Twitter feed. If you don't leave a Twitter name, we'll just damn your damn name.

Last week's PTP was brought to you by @whitrae, and she told us it was taken:

"It's the doorway in between the main Grizzly Peak entrance and the Den entrance - the Den is the former home of the Del Rio!"
And awl y'all missed it, wahahahahaha!

Campus tour film, 1930s

I can't watch this without imagining Mystery Science Theater-style voice overs. Also, great footage of the old MichCon Manufactured Gas Plant behind the old train station at 0:35. It's strange seeing such large heavy industrial structures so close to downtown. As an aside, the site of that plant is scheduled for cleanup this August. There is a proposal to make it a park.

Mostly Midwest

Can't get enough of your favorite Michigan band? Check out Mostly Midwest, a website focusing on Midwestern music, mostly. They have some really great videos of some local bands on their Vimeo channel. Check it out:

Harvest Session : The Appleseed Collective, Pt. 1 from Mostly Midwest on Vimeo.

Pretty sweet, eh?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Record Store Day

In recent years there's been a reactionary growth in physical and independent music because of the way most music is bought now: impersonally and ad nauseum. The advent of the iPod and iTunes really brought the largest change in music. There was no more purpose for someone to have to get in the car (or ride a bike) to go to a record store, buy the media, go back home, put the music in the stereo, and listen to it there; you could have the music wherever and whenever you wanted, and take your entire library with you. As a result, local record stores started going out of business because fewer and fewer people were buying CD's and vinyl records.

In 2007, Record Store Day was founded as the third Saturday in April. It was designed as a way for bands to release rare or new songs as a way to promote local record stores. Most of the releases are vinyl, while a few are available on the easier to handle CD. This year is seeing releases from over 100 artists in the US, including special edition 7" vinyls from Arctic Monkeys and St. Vincent.

Ann Arbor's Wazoo Records, Underground Sounds, and Encore Recordings are all participating in Record Store Day this Saturday. So if you're interested in helping out some local business, music, or special edition releases and new songs, check out a record store on Saturday. For more information, visit the Record Store Day website.

Dreamland Theater show today

There's a sweet show in Ypsi tonight. The Hive Dwellers are coming to play at the Dreamland Theater all the way from Olympia Washington! The Hive Dwellers feature Calvin Johnson and other folks from the infamous indie label K Records. Looks like it'll be a hella sweet concert.

On a side note, does anyone know who makes these event posters with the painted-looking letters? Anyway, here is a video of the Hive Dwellers:

The Ramones, live at Second Chance

On October Fifth, 1981 the Ramones played a show at Second Chance, a club that was located where the Necto is now. Recently, someone uploaded videos from that concert to YouTube. I know some of our readers were actually at this concert. Prepare to rock out:

Pretty freaking awesome. There are a couple more videos over on sloftclub1234's YouTube Channel. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do.


Nirvana at the Blind Pig

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ann Arbor Newshawks, Spring 2012

What happens if you cross a cynical take on Ann Arbor politics with 2 minutes of Portlandia recorded by videoing a tv screen? Why the Ann Arbor Newshawks spring 2012 video:

We would like to point out that we used that exact same Portlandia clip to make fun of Ann Arbor foodies well over a year ago. Clearly the Newshawks are not reading Damn Arbor.

Appleseed Collective tonight at Woodruff's

Local folkies Appleseed Collective will be playing an awesome show tonight in Ypsi at Woodruff's. The show will be awesome because 1) it's the official release party for Appleseed Collective's latest album Baby to Beast. 2) Honey Locust, an awesome band from Nashville is also playing. In case you can't tell, I'm really excited. Here's a sample track from Baby to Beast:

Doors open at 9.
Music starts at 10.
Cover is just 5$.
Hopefully I'll see you there.


Honey Locust, Wednesday at Woodruff's

Photo courtesy of Appleseed Collective

Xuan Alyfe at LePop this Friday

Spanish street artist, Xuan Alyfe, has an exhibit opening at Charlie LaCroix Brockerage's LePop gallery this Friday. If past exhibit's opening receptions are any indicator, Friday's event will be tons of fun: great people, live music, snacks, and drinks. Hope to see you there.


Photos from Machines of Loving Grace

Vote for us

Gentle readers, the time has come again to vote for the Current's annual Readers Choice poll. As you may recall, last year you voted us Best Local Blog, unseating former champion So folks, if you like what we are doing, please take a minute and vote for us for "Best Local Blog." Heck, if you vote for us for "Best Local Website" we might even be able to overtake last year's champion,'s my ballot:

Gentle readers, with your help I believe we can win. Hopefully this will force the Current to finally send us the award from last year. Please hurry though, the poll closes this Friday the 20th. So vote early and vote often.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yes, for real: New smoke shop down the street from Bongz & Thongz

So I was walking back from lunch today when I saw this announcement, plastered across the front of what used to be Sole Sisters. If you can't read the print on the bottom, it says, "Grand Opening 4/20."

This place, if I am not mistaken, is about a block away from Bongz & Thongz, the thoroughly contested business that took over the place that Liberty Street Video used to inhabit. If the first opening of a smoke shop downtown created a stir, I'm curious what sort of reaction Wild Side Smoke Shop will receive.


Any excuse to use a laser cutter is a good excuse

There is an interview with All Hands Active's Josh Williams up on Slashdot TV. If you too are interested in learning how to use the laser cutter, there is a "Learn to Laser" class at AHA on the 28th.

Via the Community Wall

Renegade Framer

Some vigilante has been framing bits of street art, or should I say the streets in downtown. The tag tag with this piece reads:

Untitled II

wire and wire and metal
robot face

Unknown artist
Date unknown

Monday, April 16, 2012

Honey Locust, Wednesday at Woodruff's

I think the bobcat plays the snare drum.

Last week I received an email from Honey Locust, a folk band from Nashville who are touring to promote their brand new EP, Fear is a Feeling. The email came with a copy of the EP and an invitation to check out their concert in Ypsi on Wednesday. Since I downloaded the album, I have been listening to it on repeat almost constantly. I really enjoy Honey Locust's sound: layered melodies of viola, mandolin, cello and accordion backing vocal harmonies. But don't take my word for it, Honey Locust gave me permission to post two tracks off their EP for streaming. So take a listen to the title track off Fear is a Feeling and Walkin' Shoes.

Isn't that nice? Honey Locust's rich, sweet melodies make me think of a warm spring evening--the smell of crab apple blossoms carried on a gentle breeze. The mind is prone to wondering off to such images this time of year and Fear is a Feeling facilitates such daydreams.

But let's snap back to reality for just one minute more. Honey Locust seems like a pretty sweet band, and you should come see them at Woodruff's on Wednesday. They will be playing with Appleseed Collective who are celebrating the release of their Kickstarter funded album Baby To Beast. It promises to be a great show. Hopefully I'll see you there.
Image and music courtesy of Honey Locust

Ann Arbor's NEW Film Festival

You (maybe... okay maybe not) heard it here first: Ann Arbor is getting a brand-spankin' new film festival, called Cinetopia. It'll be four days, from May 31 - June 3, and will show 80 movies over that time. 80! We were told* that this festival will be different than the Ann Arbor Film Festival, in that the A2FF is experimental film, whereas all of the movies at Cinetopia will be "plot-based." Think feature-length films that are good, but just aren't huge enough to always make it to Ann Arbor. Or if you've been to the Traverse City Film Festival, it'll be more like that.

Tickets will be $15/film, or $12 if you're a member of some sort. They went through the titles of a few films, and I have to say that I am most excited for a Cuban horror film that's coming called...

...wait for it...

Juan of the Dead.


*Fellow DA-er Joshua Stoolman and I are members of the Michigan Theater, and went to a meeting on Sunday that discussed The New Deal. There's a press conference sometime today, so I assume The Com will be over it too... I hope.

Jon's House

Keep out.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Local webseries

105 is a locally shot webseries about two college roommates who smoke a lot of pot. Coming summer 2012.

Exist Well

Some very positive stencil graffiti on the Diag.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Whip Stitch

The Ann Arbor Derby Dimes are hosting the second annual Whip Stitch Arts and Crafts fair tomorrow at Corner Brewery. Click here for the deets. What a great way to celebrate Tax Day.

Via Dang Argyle

Mail wolf

Watch out! It bites.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Food Stand

UPDATE: So I just stopped by the Student Food Co-op in Dow and it seems pretty legit. They are selling a variety of food from the Food Co-op and produce from Frog Holler. The prices seemed pretty reasonable too. I especially liked that all their signs were written on old boxes. Stop by today if you get the chance or need a healthy snack this afternoon.


Place that photo: Phonin' it in (Guest Edition!)

Dontcha miss actually dialing one of these suckers? I mean, maybe you don't, 'cause plenty of people still use these to get into apartment buildings and such. Which is weird that they're still around, because they suck so bad! You can never really read the names and numbers, amirite? Some dbag has always scratched off the most important part, and your friend's name isn't on there 'cause they're subletting, but you can't remember the last name of the person they're subletting from. Plus, it's like the game Operation when you're wrong, 'cause THEWORST thing happens - you wake up/bother a complete stranger, who you then have to face (if they're bold) or who doesn't let you in (if they're not).

This week's Place! That! Photoooooo! is brought to you by the letter W, as in our Damn Arbor (and PTP) regular, @whitrae. She sent this photo along with this note:
"place that photo, obscure as shit edition..."
Indeed. If you think you know where this photo was taken, place your guess in the comments below along with your Twitter handle. The first person to guess correctly will be damned on our Twitter feed! If you don't leave your Twitter handle, we'll just damn your damn name.

Last week's PTP was taken right outside, when they were gutting the Parthenon >sniff<.

Frontier Ruckus show tomorrow

Or at least I think there is a Frontier Ruckus show at Woodruff's tomorrow. This poster is a little hard to read.

Graffiti from the future

It looks like some time traveler has come back from the future to warn us about some terrible event that will happen one week from today. Perhaps Ann Arbor will be overrun by hand-turkeys?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

SAPAC Art Exhibition

Tomorrow is the opening of the Sexual Assault Prevention & Awareness Center's 7th annual rEVOLUTION art exhibition. There's always very good and moving art, ranging from photography to 3D art to spoken word. If you're interested in gender equality or related issues, art, or just free food, the opening is a good reason to get dressed up.  The exhibition opens at 6:30 PM and remarks are a half hour later (the time changed from when the flyer was made), and runs through Monday in North Quad - 2435.

Upcoming S.A.D. events

Synthesis, a series of art events showcasing the work of graduating seniors at the School of Art and Design kicks off tonight with a screening at the Michigan Theater from 5-6:30. There is a reception at Work • Ann Arbor (306 S. State Street) tomorrow from 6-9 pm. And you know what that means? Free food. There are also other cool shows all around town. Tomorrow you can also check out some sort of exhibit in the Duderstadt Center's 3D Cave. Other events include a reception and exhibit of print art at Work • Detroit (3663 Woodward Ave, Detroit). Check out a full list of events here.

Energy Coffee

Must be getting close to finals week. 7-Eleven is hawking its new "energy fortified" coffee as well as discounted energy beverages. Call me old fashioned, but I always thought of coffee as an energy beverage.


Maple Pancake Sausage Roller

Candy Button

Note: this is not actually a candy button. Nice picture of Hanson though.

I'm 24

Pat Stansik is 24 today. He is celebrating by releasing this music video, which explores some of the more pertinent issues facing our generation.

Happy birthday Pat.


Bros vs. Hipsters

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sample pushers

The Sabra folks are back on the streets pushing their free humus and salsa samples. I arrived just as they ran out of food. I wonder where they have been overwintering.

Spread your Seeds

No, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter. Spread your Seeds is an organization dedicated to the destigmatization of depression. This U of M student group is hosting an event today form 7 to 10 pm at the Kelsey Museum of Archeology.

There will be food, friends, the opportunity to buy and sponsor necklaces, artistic and creative outlets (painting wall! reflection journals!), planting stations, music, and most importantly--the chance to cultivate community.
Rumor is that the necklaces contain a vial of seeds for planting.

Second Annual Ozone Homecoming Parade

Hot on the heels of yesterday's video of the First Annual Ozone Parade. We proudly present the Second Annual Ozone Homecoming Parade. The parade has some strange parallels to today. First, it's kind of like a nightmarish FestiFools. Second, there is a lady in a meat bikini. Clearly inspiration for Lady GaGa's meat dress. Third, the parade hosts bear an uncanny resemblance to the Hunger Games hosts. Fourth, hipsters. There is also some cool footage of the late, great Shaky Jake.

More commentary from my dad:

I see you figured out most of the Chris Frayne story. He was part of Crow Quill graphics. They did the Blimpy Burger and Pizza Bob's signage and a lot more "counter culture" graphics in the early 1970s. The Ozone parade may have been so named in honor of Commander Cody's hit "Lost in the Ozone" but nobody remembers.
Folks, I hope you have enjoyed these videos as much as I have.
The First Ozone Parade

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The First Ozone Parade

Received an email from my dad this afternoon with a link to the following video. The first minute is "Ozone Burgers (To Go), an animated short by Chris Frayne (Designer of the iconic Washtenaw Dairy t-shirt and brother of Commander Cody). After that it's footage of the First Annual Ozone Homecoming Parade in Ann Arbor, MI, 1972. Holy shit. Behold the glory of the 1970s.

Flixel time

With Facebook's acquisition of beloved olde-timey camera app Instagram, perhaps it's time to move on to a new hip camera app. Fortunately there is Flixel. Flixel is a lot like a really buggy version of Instagram with out the 40 million user base. It does have one huge difference though: Flixel allows users to easily make .gif animations from their pictures. This means in the weeks to come, you can expect to see many more mediocre Graphics Interchange Format animations of Ann Arbor on Damn Arbor.

Hat tip: @peterhoneyman for sharing @fraserspeirs' commentary on the Instagram acquisition.

Mapping Ypsi

A map of Ypsi drawn by the Millennial Mayors Congress. Looks pretty accurate to me.

Monday, April 9, 2012

$12! the joys of the AirRide Commercial

One of the joys of watching Mad Men is the chance to see local television commercials during the penultimate commercial break. My favorite commercial has to be the new AirRide one. Mostly because of the yelling.

We Almost Lost Detroit, now and then

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - We Almost Lost Detroit from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Surprise

EJ and I found this egg Friday night outside Mary Markley. There was candy inside, but EJ wouldn't let me eat it. Apparently it's gauche to eat candy you find on the street.

Penny-farthing cycle

Saw this new take on the classic penny-farthing cycle during La Marche du Nain Rouge in Detroit. I wonder what it's like to ride.