Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Juneberries (Amelanchier sp.) are awesome and the ones around town are almost ripe. I tried some of them from a bush in front of the library last summer. The fruit is delicious--blueberry applesauce. There are several juneberries/serviceberries around Ann Arbor: some by the lot on Forth and William and some between the Dana Building and the Chemistry Building. I'm sure you can find many more around town. Make sure you get a positive ID before you eat the fruit thought:

Leaves are simple, alternate and serrated
Bark is smooth and gray with darker gray striations
Fruit is a pome (like a miniature apple), reddish purple when ripe

Happy foraging.

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  1. SERVICEBERRY WOO! At my house you'd have to fight the Robins for them. The serviceberry in my yard is awesome in all four seasons--but I really love it when the birds are squabbling and yanking on the berries.