Monday, September 5, 2011

An evening with Charlie Slick and Thunda Clap

Saturday's show at Mark's Carts with Charlie Slick and Thunda Clap was totally awesome--quite possibly the best show I've seen all year. Anyway, they put on a great, high energy performance. You should totally see them if you have the chance. Here are some of my pictures from that night:

Charlie Slick and his homemade spin art machine.

The crowd grooving with the band. Charlie says "a concert is not a T.V. show, it requires participation." The crowd seemed to agree.

I've never seen in concert Charlie Slick before but I think the addition of Thunda Clap adds a lot to the music.

It Takes 2 to CoceK opened the show. They were pretty cool. The combination of trombone and drum provided a nice background as the crowd gathered.

Charlie Slick's show was powered by a number of homemade contraptions including the Master Blaster.

Mark Hodesh cutting a rug at the start of the show.

Homeless Dave taking a picture of the show.

Well that's it folks. Most of my pictures didn't really turn out, so maybe I should get a better camera.

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