Thursday, September 29, 2011

Place that photo: Elegant Elizabeth

Seeing Queen Elizabeth II on my way to work is always the best part of my walk. She waves (for real, this thing does), she wears pearls and she is a lady, dammit.

The first dear reader to correctly locate this Lady in Waving (ha!) gets to be damned on our Twitter account, so leave your Twitter name with your guess below, if you wish (otherwise we'll just damn your damn name).


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  2. Photo was taken on west side of Main St, just north of William (I'm @Danf1739 on twitter).

  3. Workin' hard for the money over at JSTOR. I'm as surprised as you are.

  4. Danf is right. It's in an office that used to be Renaissance clothiers.

    This solar-powered Queen Elizabeth II belongs to the financial advisor of a relative of mine.

    @jdykhouse, in case I get a damn for the additional information.

  5. *gasp* I want this! I am going to have to do some online shopping when I get home tonight.