Saturday, October 1, 2011

Big 10 seal showdown

Local sports blog, The Hoover Street Rag, recently posted the results of a highly scientific study of the seals of the Big Ten schools. Not surprisingly, the University of Michigan won. Here is what they had to say about the seal of the University of Minnesota:
8. Minnesota (301 points, mean 5.38, sd 2.09)
What it's trying to say: We've got ALL the arts: science, painting, industry, and woodworking.
What it's actually saying: We don't so much have a seal as we have a scroll that our regents stuck on a wall somewhere.

While voters were really split about Purdue, just about everyone agreed Minnesota (or at least its regents) had the 8th best seal in B1G, with almost 40% of votes putting it 8th place. DEK: "Minnesota's seal, when decrypted, is a map to his Lucky Charms."

The whole article is worth a read.

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