Saturday, October 20, 2012

Woyzeck at the New Theater Project

Woyzeck is a play by German playwright Georg Büchner. Left unfinished at the time of his untimely death, various authors have created their own endings for the play over the past century. Seriously, everyone from Werner Herzog to Tom Waits has taken a stab at it. Woyzeck tells the story of a young german solider stationed in a small rural town who earns extra money from his captain doing odd jobs. Oh yes, there is also a bizarre love triangle and a sinister doctor experimenting on folks. Ypsi's New Theater Project has produced their own adaptation of the play that will take the audience on a journey through poor Franz Woyzeck's madness and the creepy labyrinth that is the basement of their historic theater. Just in time for Halloween.

The show opened on the 18th and runs through November 5th. Performances are at 8pm and 930pm on Thursdays through Sundays with a special performance on Halloween. Tickets are available online; students/industry cost $10.00 ($11.34 w/service fee) and grown-ups cost $15.00 ($16.52 w/service fee). Folks, if you are thinking about going to see this show, you should book your tickets soon: audience size for performances is limited to just 10. EJ and I are checking it out tomorrow night and will let you know if it's too scary.

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  1. Thanks, Ben. We actually have decided not to offer the Halloween show just so your readers know. Go get candy!

    See you soon,

    Keith Paul Medelis
    Artistic Director
    The New Theatre Project