Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In Rosemarie's Eyes: The Airport

Hello Ann Arbor! Inspired by my friend Ted Wilson, who gets to write for a great website called The Rumpus, I have taken to the internet. Mr. Connor Barrie has allowed me to spread my musings on this website, D*** Arbor. However, my goal for my writing is to become a regular on AnnArbor.com, so if anyone has any connections, please share!

The Ann Arbor Municipal Airport
2/5 Stars
thank you annarbor.com for this lovely photo

I've never been to the Municipal Airport, which is why it receives it's rating of 2/5 stars. I have been to many airports in my life, including a few in Michigan. I hardly remember some of them, like the Traverse City Airport, but I am not writing about the ones I can hardly remember, only one I have never been to.

The Municipal Airport is probably not just for municipaling or airporting. In fact, I have driven by and seen children playing soccer out front. This seems too different from being an airport. Most airports, when they are more than airports, are restaurants or fancy watch shops, not soccer fields. Perhaps the Municipal Airport is having an identity crisis. If so, it should seek professional help.

This airport has different airplanes. At first they look like the kinds of airplanes you build as a model, but then you realize they have to be much larger to fit a human. I think they must be made to look like model airplanes. This could be confusing to someone without depth perception, like myself.

My next column will be about Arborland, hope you tune in.

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  1. Thank you for this arresting review, Rosemarie! I'm thrilled that you will be sharing your compelling opinions with us here on Damn Arbor.